Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Progressive-Green Victory in the Mat-Su Valley!

Monday evening's Matanuska Electrical Association meeting was a weird mixture. Even more weird than most MEA board meetings. I wasn't there, so I'm relying on e-mails, notes from telephone conversations, other sources, and the MEA meeting press release, to cover the meeting.

Since last spring's narrow, but firm, progressive-moderate victory over longtime Soviet-style rule there, the Babcock-Carmony-Carter clique have done all they could to attenuate rational management. Last month, charges were leveled against new board member, longtime Valley liberal Republican, Janet Kincaid, in an attempt to force her from the board.

Monday night, the first stage of that attempt failed. She was justifiably reprimanded for having discussed contents of a board executive session with somebody not on the board. The BKC clique, stung by the ineffectiveness of their recent highly questionable use of MEA funds to defeat at Mat-Su Borough ordinance requiring pre-approval of large power plant designs here (the clique's move was trounced at the polls), intend to turn over as much detrimental against the courageous Kincaid to local right-wing hacks like Penny Nixon, for a possible recall effort against her.

And at the meeting, longtime wingnut, Larry DeVilbiss, tried to tie the local national economic decline to African-Americans and other minorities who bought houses over the past ten years, through programs designed to fail. I'm going to go through the audio of the meeting, and pick that precious gem out of the clutter.

A new, progressive by-laws committee was formed, against DeVilbiss's (pictured above) wishes. And a wingnut pastor has resigned from the board, with the possibility of a moderate/progressive replacement highly likely.


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