Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Day Passes Without The ADN Condemning the Palin Race-Baiting Campaign Events

The Anchorage Daily News received kudos from all over the country today, for their editorial, in this morning's edition, that stated that her responses, so far, to the Branchflower report are, "either astoundingly ignorant or downright Orwellian." To me, the ADN's editorial is far too charitable on her veracity on the matter.

And we're waiting another day for the most influential media outlet in Alaska to adequately and courageously address the McCain-Palin campaign's distressfully negative conduct over the past ten days:


Anonymous said...

I haven't been so sick since I saw the police beat the African Americans in the 1960's. What have we come to? We are allowing the mob mentality to rule our politics.

It's too bad that we can't remove the McCain/Palin ticket for violence.

Cynthia Rose said...

Don't lose hope - lots of good news is coming out today

McCain transition chief linked to Hussein.

More republicans come out against McCain and Palin.

CNN was covering Palin's association with AIP

the tide is turning
keep the measure on in Alaska you have our support from the lower states

Anonymous said...


I can appreciate your wish to apply pressure on the ADN in regards their lack of simple journalistic ethics.

I agree explicitly that the ADN is reprehensibly neglecting their duty to serve their readership responsibly.

What I would disagree with is any expectation that ADN would 'voluntarily' comply or respond to such 'appeals to their better instincts' as your appeals appear to be asking.

The ADN has proven they have no better instincts. Appealing to something that isn't in evidence and isn't likely to suddenly evolve seems a bit silly, if you will.

I would suggest a tougher stance, no more wishy washy appeals and substitute instead a much more demanding tone and a much more dismissive attitude.

You may wish to preserve whatever tenuous relationship you have with the ADN, but is that worth coddling them so, when they should be heartily bludgeoned about the head and neck?