Monday, October 20, 2008

As the Race Tightens - Volunteer!

The National and statewide elections are in two weeks. It appears that the Obama-Biden ticket will carry the country, and that Democrats, nationwide, will make major gains. It appears that Alaska Democrats stand to make less progress, but that we will pick up legislative seats on November 4th.

As Sen. Obama states in the YouTube below, we need to redouble efforts in these final two weeks. Some of us have been working toward this election for years. I've put about 2,800 hours into it.

Please find a way to give an hour, an afternoon, a day, or a week to our local races, between now and November 4th.

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Cynthia Rose said...

I have been volunteering in New Jersey at my local Obama headquarters as often as I can - it's very rewarding.

One on One talking with folks is how votes are won.

I don't need to bash McCain, and I don't need to be a super fan of Obama - just honest discussion on how I came to my choice based on issues.

You'd be surprised how much a lot of folks don't know - for example they don't realize that McCain wants to tax health benefits and what that will mean to them.

I talk about the issues that matter most to the person or the concerns they have and then compare the two candidates.

Hands down, once they hear more then just the sound bites they agree Obama is the better candidate.