Friday, October 17, 2008

Dana Milbank, Joe Klein and DZ Think Ted's Toast

Dennis Zaki has been covering the Ted Stevens trial for CNN, as a photographer. He sent this out this evening to Alaska bloggers:

D.C. was great. I'll write something on Alaska Report tomorrow when I get my senses back. I'm tired from walking all over the city --- for 5 straight days... Ted's wife looked guilty as hell on the witness stand. She looked and sounded like a liar. Ted looked like a pompous old man, entitled to do whatever he wanted. Appearence has a lot of weight in a trial. I think he's going to get convicted. Dana Millbank and Joe Klein told me so too.

The nation's media heavy weights are there. I talked to some people on the street and they said "hang his ass" And they didn't even know Ted's story! The working class don't like politicians in D.C. But I guess that's true everywhere. The jury had 8 black members, 2 latinos, 2 white. They are all working class.

I think Ted's toast. DZ
images by Dennis Zaki

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