Thursday, February 11, 2010

Watching Events Unfold and Unravel in Iran

As in the post-election and subsequent demonstrations in Iran, one of the sites best keeping up with events there, from the progressive perspective, is Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish. He provides several updates a day, and important key links.

Another great site is that maintained by Farsi-speaking Prof. Juan Cole.

The best coverage by a news program is Pacifica's Democracy Now.


Anonymous said...

And where is that great champion of the underdog, President Obama? That's right, keeping his head down, offering no support to the Iranian people and still hoping he can shake hands with the Mullahs and get another Nobel Peace Prize.

And remember, folks, for years the American Left have been telling us how tolerant and wonderful the Iranian regime were. How's that working out for he Iranian people?

Anonymous said...

For those not wanting their news from Iran filtered through anti-Israeli
vessels like the woefully misinformed Juan Cole or the anti-semitic Sullivan, check out Planet Iran blog for live blogging news from Iran.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

you could probably reuse this later on and say it's an Israeli beating some Muslim in Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm appalled that you have the 'saint or slut' poll up on your site.

If you felt the need to demonize Palin -- a poor substitute for honest portrayal -- surely you could have found words less linked to the historical and common degradation of women for daring to have choices in their social and sexual lives?

I hope that the 'three days left to vote in this poll' is replaced with 'we found that our approach was entirely in the wrong spirit'.

This is truly a sad turn in the presentation of a more liberal and moral sensibility from this site -- it is worthy of any hard-core conservative site.

Philip Munger said...

Above commenters,

1). I've been outspoken here and elsewhere about Iran and the need to support Iranians in the struggle against their government.

2). We've got two point five wars going already. We don't need another one.

3). To call Andrew Sullivan an anti-Semite is a vicious canard, without a thread of evidence. Just over the past few days, several prominent Jewish journalists, one a close friend of mine, have come to his defense during the latest scurrilous attack upon him.

4). Judith/Golda/MBG - I've posted video from Iranian demonstrations here before, and I've posted videos from demonstrations in Israel, Gaza and the occupied territories before. I doubt there's a need to attempt to hide where which have come from. More than enough real ones from both conflicts, for sure.

5). The news sources I cited are at least as credible as the one cited in the second comment in this thread. One might check out both my and the anonymous commenter's links, and decide for oneself.

Anonymous said...

"3). To call Andrew Sullivan an anti-Semite is a vicious canard,"

This from the site that calls ordinary Americans "racist" because they hate Obama's politics.