Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 51

"Sarah Palin has become the most famous Alaskan in history. Celebrity is her one accomplishment since John McCain selected her as his running mate a year ago.

"The rest of the last year has held, for her, turmoil and failure."

That was Michael Carey a month after Palin's abdication, writing for the Alaska Dispatch. It was a term he had used before, and has since. And it is true.

That doesn't bother me. What is beginning to bother me, though, is that at the rate things are going, there may soon have been more words written about Palin than about everything else in Alaska history. I'm not sure if there's some sort of search engine or measuring device out there that can accurately assess this, but if there is, I'd be interested in seeing how close to being true that statement might actually be.

The fact that there were more media covering the Tea Party Convention than there were actual attendees bothered me.

The fact that I've been to PTA forums at Colony Middle School in Palmer that had more attendees, and better speeches, than the Tea Party convention had, bothers me.

The fact that Palin's rise to national prominence fixation coincides with desperation on the part of our media to find ways, no matter how sleazy, to keep readership up, bothers me.

The fact that I have to keep writing about this person I met 19 years ago this month, bothers me.

The fact that there's little we can do about her continuing, nuisance-like presence in the national dialogue bothers me.

It is good to see how little influence Palin is having on Alaska policy now, though. Gov. Parnell seems to be more comfortable going his own direction every day. He's certainly the best governor since Tony Knowles, though that isn't saying much. Parnell's visit to schools on the Lower Yukon earlier in the week was a case in point. Compared to Palin's foray there with Franklin Graham and Jerry Prevo, bringing Bibles and cookies, Parnell's stopover must have been a breath of very fresh air to villagers.


Anonymous said...

I keep reading about Palin because she lies, and I keep hoping that she will finally give voice to a lie that she can't get out of and that will truly reveal who she is.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will cheer you up. It'a not an accurate measure by any means, but still...

Google hits for:
"Alaska" 92,500,000
"Sarah Palin" 24,600,000

Plus, her lead hits these days go to articles and stories rebuffing her whiney behaviour and incompetences presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

Everyone's getting tired of Palin but until she's run out of town on a rail with the hounds yapping at her heels, we can't let up our pressure.

She's a dangerous demagogue who has fascinated the media because of the intense controversy that follows wherever she goes......which, of course, increases their ratings when they cover it.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Polls continue to document the increasing disapproval the electorate has for Palin....and more and more criticism is showing up in the media, even the conservative media. As is typical for her, she is fracturing the GOP and the Tea Party both. She's the ultimate divider. A mad woman slinging sh*t. And she's getting boring. Really boring.

Stay the course, Phil. Keep up the critical blogging until she's firmly in America's rear view mirror. Thanks for all you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do! ^^^^^

Anonymous said...

The fact that I have to keep writing about this person I met 19 years ago this month, bothers me.

Why is it a fact that you HAVE to keep writing about her ?

Is somebody holding a gun to your head ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving Parnell a compliment. He is basically a good guy, and competent. Don't know how he got caught up in Palin's web, but it's good to see him slowly but surely extracting himself. I just wish he'd done more...and sooner.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Phil thanks for your blog...
myself I would love to hear about Sarah 19 yrs ago...
Ripoff$50K "I'm the mayor I can do what I want until the courts tell me not too" all the people under the bus...Barstoll Barbie @ 4 corners I beleive? Or the rumored sex video?
If you don't want to talk should just write a book, I will buy it Phil!
Better hurry tho...!

Anonymous said...

"The fact that I have to keep writing about this person I met 19 years ago this month, bothers me."

That is too funny. You do have free will don't you? So don't write about her. How hard is that to figure out?!

You are just complaining about what you yourself do!