Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama Continues to Allow Torture at Bagram Air Base

Until these Obama administration-era torturers are investigated or punished, I will no longer call my president "President Obama." Until then, he is just plain "Obama."

Any of my Alaska progressive blogging friends want to endorse my efforts to get our state Democratic Party to condemn continuing torture under the current administration?


Anonymous said...

Do your thing and the other bloggers do their own.

On occassions you have been the one to call out the other bloggers but at no time have the crapped on you. I seriously see you in somewhat the same mental capacity as Palin.

Phil, honestly, in your mind you see yourself better than others. Hate to burst your bubble, but you aren't. The only person not realizing that is you.

In fact, so many times you've posted and tooted your own horn how long you've written about Palin etc. etc. comparing it to everyone else. Seems you're the only one that gives a crap about your Chapter BS.

In fact, you're more distracted than any of them.

Go find yourself a rock as we really don't care. Your comment section reflects your blog attraction -- pretty much zip.

Those of us that read blogs, research, etc. have a brain and use it very successfully. Don't need your posts that you think yourself the expert and know better what we should think.

Go away.

anon. said...

did you even read the article printed in the Nation written by Arand Gopal ?

You should read that article before you attempt to use your overly wide brush to paint a picture you've preconceived.

I read the article, and it's almost all written about incidents that happened long before Obama ever came on the scene.

I won't tell you to 'go away', but I will ask that your posts become more factually based on reality instead of attempting to make connections that aren't supported by the material you cite.

By actually reading the article in the Nation written by Anand Gopal, people are going to have a much more realistic perspective with which to view these issues.

I would urge people to gain a more realistic perspective than the one you're offering. You've allowed your bias to overpower any sense of journalistic fairness or unbiased truthfulness in your so-called 'reporting'.

If we are going to solve the problems facing all of us, we cannot continue to diagnose what the problem is by swallowing mischaracterizations and unfounded inference and assumptions.

That spells failure.

And we don't need more failure.

You owe your readers better, and you owe yourself better.


Philip Munger said...

I've read the article and am attempting to contact Mr. Gopal and DN's Amy Goodman.

His appearance this morning merely backed up what I have already heard from others who have been on or near Bagram in 2009, but none of them have gone as far as Gopal, who cites recent disappearances in Afghanistan.

I could give a flying fuck whether or not zero or 50 people comment to my posts here. Go fucking work for FOX news if you think numbers of comments truly matter.

Anonymous said...

I watched Anand Gopal on Democracy Now this morning, and yes, our practice of torturing other humans has lessoned since Obama took office, but the secret detention sites are still operational. I am all for getting our elected officials / public servants to stop this practice. Thanks Phil, for posting this and encouraging others to speak out about this disgraceful practice.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be that the author of this blog is starting to lose it. "Fucking this", "fucking that" ! Sounds like an old bitter drunk shouting at strangers on the street.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 6:16,

yep, that's me.

Anonymous said...

and just like the average bitter drunk, the author has become just as devoid of objectivity.