Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 58 - For Meg

Dear Meg,

You could have ended up like this:

But, through falling in with the Crazy Woman, it came out more like this:


Anonymous said...

Don't blame Palin for Meg's transgressions. A person of integrity never would've worked for Palin as long as Meg did, nor would s/he behave as abhorrently as Meg did.

I think what really happened is that two power hungry, greedy, morally corrupt women brought out and reinforced the worst in each other. If it hadn't been $arah bringing out the worst in Meg, it would've been someone else because Meg is who she is deep down inside, and always has been and always will be that person. I just think she did a good job of hiding it before she worked for the Grifter.

I do hope Meg can at least change her behavior enough so that the evil in her heart does not corrupt innocent little Isabella.

Just_a_Mote said...

I believe Meg hitched herself to Palin because she is a shameless opportunist like Palin. This is what happens when you team up with another shameless opportunist. She has been thrown under the bus. Shameless opportunists do that. Sympathy for Meg = zero.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this reminds me of that shameless opportunist Obama throwing that other shameless opportunist the Rev. Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright under the bus. OR is it more like commie boy Van Jones being thrown under the bus OR more like Anita "I Love Chairman Mao" Dunn hitting the road. Or the progressive Left getting the shaft from Obama. Still, shameless opportunists do that.
Sympathy for progressives = zero.

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Anon 9:48

Not just off topic, but sounding a tad bitter! None of that has anything to do with Sarah Palin and her attack moron Meg Stapleton. Ho hum, another post, another troll railing against "The Left". That's productive, yes sirree.

Megan - you deserve to shrink away and suffer from you dishonest words and actions. Maybe family life will re-balance your priorities and ethics? That's a stretch so I'm thinkin' you're just another Palin inner circle snot who got a little too cozy with your own ego instead of hers.

May you suffer nightmares of Troopergate which will follow you to the end of your days. I do not wish you the best of anything, except for having an epiphany showing you what damaged goods your career became when you sucked up to the Palin of a Million Lies.

Anonymous said...

"That's productive, yes sirree."

Oh, if we could only be as "productive" as those good "progressive" folk in Alaska. Calling millions of fellow Americans "teabaggers", calling a female politician a "whore" and a "slut", laughing at jokes about Down's Syndrome children, spewing their frustrations out in vile, bitter insults ! All hail the productive Alaskan Left !