Friday, February 5, 2010

Old Media - Mold Media - Part One

Rumor has it that the Anchorage Daily Newsletter got a packet with the same emails in it that MSNBC has now revealed. The packet came to the AD Newsletter two weeks ago. But they've laid off or early retired so many employees, that they only go to the post office to check their mail every other week.

The ADN is now covering the email story and the Mat-Su Borough cabin story. By cutting and pasting the work done by other media and progressive bloggers. That's an even easier task than their often-used tactic of merely reprinting press releases sent to them by politicians, corporations and others.

Here's some of the better coverage of the emerging email story:

Bree Palin


Reading through some of the emails being parsed at Bree Palin, I smell some major litigation coming the Palin's way. Sheesh! Todd is even more odd and nosey than I suspected.

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Tracy said...

The machine that took Ted Stevens down is the the same one that used up and got sick of Palin. They knew what would attract her to shake Obama's base, then she got to make a horse's behind of herself on national news. . . and now that she is too much of a threat with the Tea Party and taking out what sense that was left in the GOP, they are getting rid of her. When she resigned, she should have took the book deal and laid low for a few years.

Does anyone really care about the cabins? Probably not, but Miss "everything is OK until someone tells me that I can't" may now be dealing with the federal government. No one will be holding her hand to pray with her if she gets taken to task with the feds. What was once white collar crime may have become an offence worthy of prison time. This is scary. Will the ex governor and Vanity Fair model ask the Republicans to go back on some of their laws that used to brand them as the tough, not smart party?