Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thieves and Liars at the Sea of Pee

One of the two biggest Palin Shrines (the other being The Anchorage Daily Newsletter), Conservatives4Palin (also known as the Sea of Pee), is in the habit of gleaning through all the messes and untidy piles of steaming whatever the Crazy Woman leaves in her wake, gleaning the stuff for some aroma they can describe as sweet.

Like the ADN (as in "Who's Up - Who's Down"), C4P is in the habit of maximizing Palin's image through distortion, and minimizing the truth about the person's shortcomings. Through more distortion.

Like almost any day, today provides fresh examples. Although their chief source of raw facts,
FOX ran a column recently dissing their Madonna, they've parsed the column for glimmers of hope, while wringing their hands in mourning over the perfidy of it all.

No, I'm not going to link. I have to wash my hands and keyboard after every visit there, so I'll refrain from forcing you through the same experience. Why do I then keep track, if they are so yucky? Well, for one thing, they printed this about me last week:

Can we get his address and post it on the web....along with a picture of him, his house, and the car he drives?

Contrast the C4P experience with the report this morning by Jesse Griffin at The Immoral Minority, about the ludicrous extremes the Palin camp recently went through in Redding California, to rid their hotel rooms of copies of one of Al Gore's books, An Inconvenient Truth:

You know this may not be a slam against Al Gore. I just think that Sarah feels uncomfortable around any book with the word "truth" in the title.

The Gaia Shasta Hotel & Spa is where Palin stayed when she gave her speech in Redding California to the "men who kill trees" where she famously said “You guys were doing green jobs before green jobs were even cool!”

You know if she would have read Gore's book she may not have said something quite so stupid.

According to the reporter who wrote this article, Marc Beauchamp (who also stayed in this hotel), there may have been other reading material available in Palin's room.

For the record, the Gore book was prominently displayed on the table in our room this weekend. On a shelf in the closet were copies of the Holy Bible, The Book of Mormon and the "Teaching of Buddha."

What do you think gang? With THAT selection of reading material available which one do you think she would have allowed Piper to read to her?

"Who's Buddha, mommy?"

"He was an agent of Satan honey. Just like that horrible Al Gore. Now read me a passage from Genesis, I have to deliver that speech tomorrow and I need to bone up on a little science."

Our open dialogue among some of Alaska's progressive political bloggers this past week prompted the C4P to lie, cheat and steal. Once again. Here's Mel Green at Henkimaa, on the theft:

I don’t usually read Conservatives for Palin. For one thing, I don’t have much use for unmitigated laudatoriness toward my former governor about whom I have all manner of reasons to be unfavorably impressed — her incessant untruth-telling, her vindictiveness, her Christianist/Dominionist views, her habit of quitting jobs half-done (though to tell the truth, I’m glad she quit as governor — Sean Parnell ain’t no superhero, but he’s a vast improvement over both his last two predecessors), & her speeches full of the same old tired conservative talking points over & over & over & over [yawn] again. Oh yes, & let us not forget her famous 2 million dollar meme, which has the distinction of having led to the most popular post on my blog to date. [Ref #1] It also has a nice pie chart that I made, which I will take the opportunity to show off now.

It was with some bemusement, then, that I learned that on Sunday one of C4P’s bloggers took it upon himself to congratulate me for being one of those “with the courage to criticise [sic] those whose lives seem committed to a downward spiral of abusive tabloideeze about all things Palin.”

Why, sir! I do believe that you’re trying to coopt me!

The blog post, “Skinny White Sunday: Alaska Palm Pilot Rocks!” by Rich Crowther [Ref #2], was a sort of Sunday wrap-up of Palin-related news, which in this case included discussion of Phil Munger’s use of the word “slut,” for which I had criticized him. [Ref #3] Interestingly, Crowther said very little about my criticism of Phil, instead choosing to highlight comments I’d made at Phil’s post about Gryphen of Immoral Minority. Also of interest was that while Crowther made use of the term Steve Aufrecht used in his post criticizing Phil for the same thing — Blogger Tourettes [Ref #4] — Crowther not only didn’t credit him, but even linked to another C4P post (critical of Phil) instead of to Steve’s post. [Ref #5] I’m sure there are a number of C4Pers who now think Crowther is oh-so-very-clever for coining a clever phrase that in fact he just snagged uncredited from another Alaska progressive blogger.

Here’s the relevant section of Crowther’s post. All the stuff in green is him quoting me. Links are as they appear in the original.

Mr M has recently been struck down by a bad case of Blogger Tourettes and the issue of the week over at his blog has been “to swear or not to swear”. Is it nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of Sarah Palin’s outrageous good fortune, or to cuss with aggressive, sexually charged, misogynistic language in trying to oppose that?

Please go to the highly accurate and truthful Alaska blog,
Henkimaa to read Mel's full article.


Anonymous said...

I posted this comment on Mel's blog as well:

"Mel, with all due respect, this is not your mother’s Tea Party we’re dealing with. They don’t care about your calls for general civility in political discourse in the blogosphere. It is a waste of energy to police this sort of language, rhetoric, memes, and behavior. They will never admit they are wrong and they’re glad we’re wasting our time “trying to correct the record.” Civility is so last century to them; they have declared themselves “barbarians” and will pirate and pillage to make their points, and to look “rogue” to their cult. You want progressives to “be above that,” but it’s kind of like trying to explain etiquette rules to a rattlesnake."

Anonymous said...

anon first poster,
Awesome post!!!!
And I would like to add that we are dealing with a bunch of hypocrites, palin included, "Do as I say not as I do", they should be called "hypocrites4palin"

SallynGarland,Tx said...

Sarah Palin went across the country raging at rallies in a way that were shocking and cruel and even horrifying at times. She had a great deal to do any breakdown of civil discourse.

SallynGarland,Tx said...

Typo --to do "with" any

Anonymous said...

Phil I hope you continue to blog as you see fit, uncensored! Thank god someone can call a slut a slut!
If others want to tippy toe on their blogs around the issues fine. I have decided I won't go there to their blogs.
The MSM has tippy toed around this bitch too long...there is a huge rumor a vid, babygate, Housegate...is out there... can anyone say slut???Grifter...Money whore???
I can't say it better than the first poster here and
Palin will reap what she sows...
It cracks me up the hypocrisy of Palin and sea of pee!

AKPetMom said...

How about a stupid slut whore with an IQ barely above special needs? Oh, and with a hypocritical bond with a higher being. Is that being too hard on her?

Palin is so ridiculous, she revels in her stupidity and wears it as a badge. That alone leaves me without words to describe how repugnant I find her.

She's a retard and she doesn't even know it. In her own words "Trig has taught me more than I will ever teach him". I believe it, wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

This little soap opera reminds me of a sixth grade playground pissing match.

Anonymous said...

"Sarah Palin went across the country raging at rallies in a way that were shocking and cruel and even horrifying at times."

Yes, it's vile and disgusting that Palin would dare to criticize a hapless government that most people think are failures. It's also beyond cruel that she would point out Obama's lies....why, the way she carries on one would even think this was a democracy where people are free to critique the policies of the opposing party. How can she be allowed to carry on doing this...it's shocking, cruel, hateful and makes me want to stamp my feet.