Saturday, February 6, 2010

Helping Judy Get Ready for the Alaska Ski for Women on Superbowl Sunday

Actually, I haven't been much help, except to cook dinner and other little things while Judy has created some great blouses for costumes she and some of her friends will wear tomorrow at the 2010 Alaska Ski for Women at Anchorage's Kincaid Park. It is sponsored by the Anchorage Nordic Ski Club.

It was organized to give local women something to do while all the stupidity and insanity of Superbowl Sunday swirls though their households. It is one of the great Alaska traditions. The picture above is from last year's start. This year we have over a foot of new snow that probably dumped at about 28 degrees F at Kincaid.

Here are the two blouses Judy created. As you might figure out, the group's theme is "Recycled Valley Trash."

Blouse 1 for Pam:

Blouse 2 for Judy:

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Anonymous said...

Since JU-DEE was basically advertising products on her clothing for this women's race does that make her a slut too?
Maybe JU-DEE can answer this one for you Phil!