Monday, February 8, 2010

Valley Trash Queens of Green at Yesterday's Alaska Ski for Women

Kyle Hopkins from the Anchorage Daily Newsletter mentioned them in his article on the Ski for Women:

In its 14th year, the combination race-costume party has raised roughly $800,000 for Abused Women's Aid in Crisis Inc. and other charities that seek to stop violence against women and children. The 1,529 registered skiers fell just short of the 2004 record while raising roughly $45,000 in donations and merchandising as of Saturday, organizers said.

The "Queens of Green," a group of teachers from the Mat-Su, wore suits made from recycled juice boxes and kids' snack packages, while a pair of 15-year-olds wobbled in a rhinoceros outfit made from a Sears refrigerator box.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious ! I love this posting about violence towards women on a blog where "she's a bitch", "she's a whore", "she's a slut" and "she's an effing retarded slut" are considered acceptable language towards women.You guys really need to get an irony meter.

ZIP NOLAN said...

Well, at least one poster here amongst y'all can see the dichotomy between a blog writing about Abused Women while hosting a poll called "Slut Or Saint". Night, night, folks.