Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saradise Found - Chapter 26 -- Twibalism in the Post-Teabagger Era?

Palin destwoyed any chance the tea party had of retaining cwedibility, by forcing 1,000 media types and their retinue to cower to be twallowed to cover a convention with less attendees (500 to 650, by most counts) of an event that probably got beat in attendance Saturday night by 2,000 bowling league reunions, 10,000 PTA candidate forums, 20,000 bingo raffles and 75,000 pre-Superbowl parties. While getting uniquely extensive national media coverage.

Palin next went on to Redding, California, where almost under the media wadar, she qwietly picked up another cool 150 K. No strings or bark attached.

The slur she delivered to the teabbaggers (Suwwendew to the Bwowg) was, in my mind eclipsed by the way she pulled off the bigger heist on the sly.


Her side is claiming a slam on the way she keeps on slipping the palmpwompter image into the national psyche. Some comments at more Palin shrines than there were teabaggers standing in line to enter the next veal pen, paint her as the electronic Qween Esther. On stewoids.

Other new Palin shwines are more subtle:

Welcome to American cwhoreporate twibalism, where the new media gets bought out by more unseen, unmonitored movers than ever.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Phil, you essentially just called Palin a "whore" again in that last sentence. Just another word for "slut". Better get Mel on speed dial...

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Money whore!!!!
She is all over the place like dog poo!!!!
Seriously, One of the bots quit twibe b/c of paylin's Rand Paul endorsement!

Forever Anonymous said...

Phil please, let me vote again. I have not change my mind along with 86% of the voters.

I'm really not a Faux Conservative said...

Phil, I love your blog, but when you are calling our ex governor names like whore and slut, you put yourself into the cesspool that extremists are in, throwing stuff at each other. You are better than that, you are classy and you represent all of us and the people who you like and have introduced the rest of the world to, like Diane Benson and the other front runners of the Democratic party.

Is she a money whore? Absolutely. Words like that put the speaker down and draw away from her actions, IMHO, and they become less effective. You are a gifted hater, but please stop being hateful because you are like the people at C4P and just as bad as that radio guy who wore that nasty shirt declaring himself a gay hater. You are not in the class of those people, but I think that these words pull you down to that level.

Anonymous said...


Go away.

Anonymous said...

"slut", "Palin handjobs", "cwhoreporate"... what on earth is happening to you, Phil?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention Phil:

Go away.

Anonymous said...

Latest gossip--

A person very close to R.M. (let's call them W.D.) is furious that Sarah was handed an opportunity of a lifetime and squandered it for instant gratification. They said I've been called many insulting names but even my worst critic never suggested I was lazy. R.M. had only a few words-- Sarah is a self-limited ratings blip.

Anonymous said...

Why Sarah Palin Is No Ronald Reagan
Palin’s jokes are caustic and angry,

"This is what above all else distinguishes a Sarah Palin speech--the snide put-down and the snarky remark delivered with a broad, sneering smile and spitfire demeanor. She doesn’t seem to think a speech is complete if she hasn’t winked and name-called her way through it."

"And for much of the media, one of the most irritating things about Palin is that she revels in the politics of personal destruction at the same time that she believes she should be off limits."

Anonymous said...

She took great umbrage at Rahm Emanuel's use of the phrase "fucking retards," then excused Rush Limbaugh's subsequent reference to a "retard summit" as "satire." She snarked to the Tea Partiers about President Obama's use of a teleprompter, then was caught during the Q&A sneaking peeks at her hand, where she had pathetically scribbled crib notes in the idiotic belief that no one would notice them. ("Energy," "Tax," and "Lift American Spirits" -- she was afraid she'd forget those deep thoughts?) And, of course, there was, "How's that hopey-changey stuff workin' out for ya?" which, in all my years of watching politics, is the most viscerally nauseating utterance I've ever heard. And these are just from the past week.

After a year and a half of exposure to this virulently toxic presence, the question on the table is: In our lifetime, has there ever been a worse human being in American politics than Sarah Palin? For all the morons and criminals and bigots we've been subjected to, has there been anyone else who has combined all of the fetid qualities -- the proud ignorance, the sadistic viciousness, the shameless hypocrisy, the arrogant laziness, the congenital dishonesty, the unctuous sanctimony, the bilious resentment, and whichever others I'm forgetting for the moment -- that this morals-free harridan so relentlessly displays? (Not to mention that atonal bray with which she communicates it all.)

Mona said...

I like Phil's description of Palin. He's right. She's all those things and worse. If you haven't realized that yet, you will.

Keep up the great work, Phil! I like people that tell it like it is! You betcha!

Anonymous said...

"She is all over the place like dog poo!!!!"

Kind of like crystalwolf's incoherent rants.

Anonymous said...

Okay folks, let's all help Phil out here. He's obviously been under a lot of stress lately....his Messiah has failed to deliver and that evil Palin just keeps getting more and more support.

What's a man to do when hope and change turn to abject failure ? Well, a rational person would try and understand why independents in a liberal state like Massachusetts would vote Republican. A rational person would see that many decent Americans of both parties are disgusted by the way their taxes are being spent. That's what a rational person would do.

But this blog has decided that using sexual insults towards those people is the best way of understanding them. So, if you're upset at the high taxes you pay then you must be into sucking a man's testicles into your mouth. This is the image the author of this blog wants you to have when he writes about your friends, your neighbors, your family.

But that's not enough. He wants you to think of women who hold different political views from his own as sluts and whores. He wants you to imagine these women using their hands to masturbate men. Now,
a lot of us thought those bad old days of using abuse to keep women in their place were over but apparently not. If the liberals amongst us feel happy breaking the sexist taboos then what is left ?

Anonymous said...

"has there ever been a worse human being in American politics than Sarah Palin? "

You are joking ? Are you really so deranged by Palin that you seriously believe the stuff you are writing here ?

vilca said...

I always smile about the queen Esther thing. Those paliban fans obviously don't know their bible.

read this, it's fun

blogging the bible - The First Miss Universe Pageant!: By David Plotz

It gets worse. After the first day's killing, Ahasuerus comes to Esther and tells her that 500 people have been killed in Shushan alone. He asks her what she wants now. The bloodthirsty queen says it's not enough. The Jews of Shushan must be given a second day to kill. Moreover, she wants all of Haman's 10 sons impaled on stakes. The king says OK, and the massacre continues. The day after the murders, the Jews celebrate "with feasting and merrymaking," and Purim is declared a Jewish holiday for all time.

anon. said...

"has there ever been a worse human being in American politics than Sarah Palin? "

Simple answer to simple question,


Longer answer ?

It shouldn't ever be misconstrued that Palin any longer possesses the qualities of a human being.

Anonymous said...

"It shouldn't ever be misconstrued that Palin any longer possesses the qualities of a human being."

Ouch, that has to be one of the most awkward, poorly constructed sentences
ever committed to cyberspace !! Shame you can't take it back...do you want to try again ? You're not an English major by any chance ?

Anonymous said...

"There's trouble brewing between the Ron Paul libertarians who staged the the first modern tea party in 2007 by dumping tea into Boston Harbor, and the neocon war hawks led by Sarah Palin who are furiously trying to hijack their message."

"But it underscores a rift between the anti-tax, pro-civil rights libertarians who started the tea parties and the corporatist neocon grifters of the GOP who are now trying to swoop in and capitalize on all of the hype. And in the irony of ironies, tea party-identified candidates are now trying to oust Ron Paul from his Texas House seat.

jim said...


I'll post this on blogs that don't censor it. Of course Mudflats will so I won't bother there.



A message to Phil Munger, Linda Kellen Biegel, Jesse Griffin, Shanyn Moore, and Jeanne Devon:

After Phil Munger called Palin a "slut," I figured the time has come to seek some clarification from your alliance of "progressive" bloggers (Moore, Munger, Devon, Kellen, Griffith):

Please answer the following questions:

1. About a year ago, I contacted Alaskans for Truth (AFT) and asked to attend a meeting of that group. Never heard back. Some or several of you were apparently involved with that group. Why didn't I even get a response? Who were the officers? Who were the members? What business did you discuss?

2. I contacted AFT again a few weeks later. Again, never heard back. Why not? Was Ms. Devon treasurer? Was her spouse treasurer? Was Ms. Kellen assistant treasurer? (Public records raise numerous other questions too) (Finally, after a recent third attempt to contact, I heard back from Ms. Kellen who identified herself as assistant treasurer).

3. Despite apparent claims that Alaskans for Truth was some kind of populist groundswell, was it in fact just a closed organized PAC of a few bloggers, a radio host, and a handful of family and friends? The public WAS NOT invited to their meetings? It wasn't "good old fashioned community organizing?"

4. Ms. Devon: You have criticized Mike Doogan for disclosing your identity as the author of your Mudflats blog. Why have you been so critical of Mr. Doogan? Even before he disclosed your identity, shouldn't you have already disclosed your or your family's direct involvement with Alaskans for Truth while you discussed this group in your blog? (Reading your blog at the time, based on what I read, I would never have guessed that you or your family had anything to do with AFT-- close as I could tell, you didn't indicate any relationships whatsoever and in fact you may have given the opposite impression). Your articles at the time seemed perhaps misleading. Did you ever disclose? Frankly I think you may owe Mike Doogan an apology-- I think you should have disclosed your identity yourself.

5. Mr. Griffin: You criticized Palin's attorney, Tom Van Flein, for "outing" you. Shouldn't you have already "outed" yourself? (My kid was in kindergarten a few years ago, around the time you were teaching, and as a parent I probably would have wanted to know if you were involved with her education-- kids come first).

6. Ms. Kellen: Why do you think my wife is a "Palinista?" She's a friend of Tom Van Flein. So am I. I've known Tom since he was 3. We've never met Palin and we're not her friends. You can search my family's APOC contributions and see if we ever gave a dime to Palin (or any other republicans on the face of the earth). You're sadly wrong and naive.

7. Phil Munger: Why did you call Palin a "slut?" What a bad, degrading idea.

8. Phil Munger: Why did you claim, as a UAA teacher, that Palin would get expelled from UAA for using notes written on her palm for a public speech? Does UAA agree with your claim that she'd be expelled for this?

As a card carrying democrat, I'd appreciate it if you folks didn't sink the rest of us down to the bottom of your divisive ocean. The United States has become a divided place. Because of people like you, this has become part of a distorted, durable infrastructure of our nation. The mainstream, (most of America), have been drowned out. I realize you're no better than the shouters on the other side. You're just the same.

I'd emphasize I didn't appreciate being misled by Alaskans for Truth.

Jim Behlke

Anonymous said...

Really would like to see how much disclosure you would get from SarahPac...who spent more money buying Sarah's book than endorsing candidates?
AFT was responsible for getting Todd Palin reprimanded for not honoring the supoena.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Phil, you've sure stirred up a hornet's nest this week. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I know you had a list, of things to ask Phil, AKM, Gryphen, Diva, perhaps you can ask for us...We
here on the blog would like you to Ask Van Flein, how come we haven't seen any judgment on the Alaska fund trust?
Since were being all transparent and all...right?
Thanks we will be waiting...

Philip Munger said...


My students aren't graded on speeches. They are graded on exams, quizzes and term papers. So there is no way I could expel a student for writing notes for a speech on his or her hand. That certainly isn't what I wrote.

Philip Munger said...


Also, I was never a member of Alaskans for Truth, though I attended several meetings in the autumn of 2008. I had suggested a route for the group that ended up not being taken, and lost interest.

Mike Doogan "outed" the identity of Jeanne Doogan using a constituents newsletter to do that. Is that somehow ethical, Jim?

jim said...

Anonymous 1:02:

I plan to raise these questions elsewhere too. I doubt I'll get far discussing them here. Just wanted to throw them out.

The questions you asked get asked all the time. I don't need to repeat them. But I'm not sure how often mine have been asked.

I think Devon probably should have disclosed her identity; Griffin probably should have too. And there may be others. Alaskans for Truth may have been a very opaque group and I doubt we'll ever learn much about them. I'm amazed they didn't even respond to my inquiries until recently.

The legislature, not Alaskans for Truth, censored Todd Palin.

I'm not sure if the public realizes how jerked around it has gotten by some liberal bloggers. The time has come for some accountability. For starts, Alaskans for Truth: Devon has repeatedly criticized Doogan for disclosing her identity, and I think she may have been unfair. It is difficult to get all the information about Alaskans for Truth (especially from Devon), but from what I can tell, I believe the public was entitled to a lot more disclosure than it received.


jim said...

Phil, you wrote,

"This is cheating. Had she done that in my class at UAA, she would have been ejected from the University."

In the quote above, where you used the word "This", what were you referring to? Was Palin cheating or was someone else? If Palin was cheating, were you referring to Palin's using notes on her hand for a public speech? If not, what were you referring to? If she was cheating, how would this have gotten her thrown out of your academic institution, The University of Alaska Anchorage?

I interpreted your writing to mean that Palin's actions during her speech would have gotten her thrown out of UAA. When you used the word "this," I assumed you were referring to her delivery of her speech, including reading notes on her hand. If you were referring to something else, that's far from clear.

jim said...


Next, concerning Doogan;

I'm not a judge so I don't know if Doogan's use of state resources was ethical or unethical. Devon was probably discussing him as a legislator, so perhaps he felt he could respond officially.

Anyone, including you or Jeanne Devon, could have complained to the legislative ethics committee. I think Berta Gardner was on it at the time and I'd speculate they would have done a lot better job than the executive branch in hearing and deliberating a complaint. If you're still concerned, you should file a complaint.

Long before Doogan's newsletter, Devon was discussing Alaskans for Truth on her blog. I don't recall seeing any disclosure indicating if she or her spouse were members or officers. Everything I saw described the group in the third person. If she or her spouse were associated, I'm concerned that she probably should have disclosed. (If it were me I would have disclosed).

Now that I'm getting a better picture of what may have been happening at the time, and now that I'm figuring out the full story, I have a lot less sympathy for Devon. I have a lot more sympathy for Doogan than I did.

Philip Munger said...


Here's my initial post on Doogan, after he used state resources to pursue what I saw then and still see to have been a personal vendetta. What got him started on Christmas eve 2008 was a post AKM had done that was critical of one aspect of HIS job performance, IIRC, not about state policy:


If you still respect him or are sympathetic after reading the email exchange, you have more sympathy than do I

jim said...


At the post you cited, Doogan wrote:

"I think that if blogging might be detrimental to the "professional and/or business situation" of the person writing Mudlfats, then he/she shouldn't be doing it. But even if it is, are your arguing that it's okay for people to stand in the shadows and shout into the public debate? What next? Hoods and torches?"

I agree. Jeanne Devon (as I see it) had three choices:

1. Don't discuss Alaskans for Truth at her blog and avoid disclosure issues-- perhaps that would have been a good idea.

2. Discuss Alaskans for Truth and disclose her direct or family associations-- that would have been fine.

3. Discuss Alaskans for Truth but don't disclose her direct or family associations. Make it sound like she has no association with the group. Is this what she did? Close as I can tell, the answer may be, in one word, yes.

I would have gone for 1 or 2 above. Apparently she may have chosen 3.

Bad choice.

Go back and read her blog.

Again, feel free to file a complaint against Doogan. Why hasn't anyone filed a complaint?

Anonymous said...

I see you are really concerned about Alaska, and that is good. Why don't you ask the Leg. why Todd Palin was a shadow gov? He answered emails sent on SOA email system and signed them a Gov. Palin.
And why were State emails sent to like Sally Heath? Why is that. I think you as a concerned Alaskan have some questions to ask about that maybe even file a Ethics complaint about it. I mean the people, heck they just did not elect Todd Palin! Did they?
And waiting for the info from Van Flein on the Alaska Fund Trust.
That is a ethics complaint that needs to be wrapped up.

jim said...


Why don't YOU ask?

I sent an email to Talis Colberg copied to the Alaska legislature encouraging him to resign. I sent an email to Sarah Palin copied to the Alaska Legislature asking her to resign.

Ask it yourself, Nimrod.

Why don't YOU ask the legislature why Todd Palin was the shadow gov? Have you, Nimrod? Have you asked why State emails were sent to Sally Heath, Nimrod?

Have you asked these questions yourself or you too much a wimp? Do like I did. Send them yourself to the governor and copy all the legislature too.

Or you just whining to me because it is easy? Have you whined to anyone else, starting with our State government?

P.S. sorry for calling you Nimrod, but seems as good a name as any for a nameless whining soul like you.

Anonymous said...

Well geeze who pissed in your cornflakes jim? I mean you are peppering Phil with all these nimrod questions or should I just say retarded? I am asking valid questions.
Shadow gov. Grifting money.
And since you bragged or was that meant as a threat? Oh well I took it as a brag about knowing Van Flein, that you could ask about the Grifter fund. But obviously you are just interested in pestering Phil with retarded questions about ATF. Alaska Fund Trust? oh yeah, Alaskans for Truth, like you really want to know the truth.
Since you so concerned and all, I thought you would jump all over this..or could it be...A concern Troll???
ummm, you betcha!

Anonymous said...

One other thing I would like to address...
No one of the democratic party carry's a card.
Just like every Dem has Alinsky's rules on their bedside.

Philip Munger said...


Hang in there! I love your comments.

Maybe Jeanne will come here and answer your very good 1-2-3 above.

Who knows?

Had you already told me about your Talis letter? I would have loved to print it at PA!

At the post above by Steve, I just commented that I didn't file a complaint against Mike because I regard our entire ethics regulation apparatus as almost irreparably flawed. It would have been rejected. I spoke to legislators and former legislators about it. Most agreed it was wrong, but felt it wasn't worth their while either.

Philip Munger said...


I just emailed AKM, inviting her to give her side of the story you raised in the 1-2-3 scenario above