Friday, February 19, 2010

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 55 - The Last Wild Ride?

This one might hurt. It should.

A comment at this blog, defending my choice to continue occasionally using the term "Crazy Woman" instead of "Sarah Palin" in some posts:

My water broke, doctor said go to the hospital, hooked up to monitor, baby's heartbeat went down, emergency c-section, the cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times. If I had acted like Palin, my son would be dead. I find the wild ride hard to believe and horribly negligent if there is any truth to end.

Palin attacks someone who is a Downs Syndrome victor. The victor, Ms Friedman, defends her beautiful role in the questioned TV program.

Essentially, you have a kid whose parents probably treated her with total hope 100% of her life, questioning something far larger than Palin's questionable role as parent.

Look back to the so-called "wild ride," for instance.

Palin, by her own admission flew almost 8,000 miles after her water broke. Carrying a kid just like Andrea Fey Friedman in the womb Jesus gave her.



Anonymous said...

Why? Isn't it obvious? She is either lying, or she hoped the baby would die.

Anonymous said...

Yes, why indeed. There is no rational, common-sense, good judgement explanation for Palin's irrational, irresponsible "wild ride".
As Anon at 4:00am stated: She is either lying, or she hoped the baby would die.

Anonymous said...

Theory 1: $P lied. And has repeatedly lied. She gave birth to Trig, but not on the date specified or in the way described. But why?


Theory 2: $P lied. And has repeatedly lied. She was not pregnant with, nor did she give birth to Trig. Someone else is Trig's biological mother. Bristol?


Theory 3: $P was pregnant with Trig and willfully did her best to help "God's will" happen with the wild ride. That would be the X-tian form of a willful, late term abortion for someone who did not want that precious baby.


My vote is for Theory 2. Bree's web site has a photographic chronology for both Bristol and Sarah during the gestation period. It's pretty clear that Bristol is pregnant and Sarah is not. And not one person on any of those flights during the wild ride had any inkling that Sarah was pregnant, let alone in labor.

So let's take a look at Trig's birth certificate. And ask CBJ if that baby was delivered from Sarah's womb, and on the date in question.

Anonymous said...

Is there another possibility?

Did Sarah make up the part about her water breaking, just to exaggerate her own image as a frontier woman?

Remember, she retells simple historical stories like how her kids were named, in different ways to different audiences.

Perhaps the baby was not in danger, but Sarah instinctively thought it sounded good to make it seem that only a tough Alaskan like her could hold that little fish picker in for 8000 miles...

Do we have any evidence that her water broke, other than her saying so after the fact?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

A SOA employee saw her waiting at SEA waiting for the AA flight to ANC and she was "engrossed" in a book I think he said, so he talked with Todd, he write in his email that if he had KNOWN the circumstances he would known why she was so quiet. Its in the batch of emails from MSNBC. So here she was calmly reading a book? I think she didn't want to talk b/c he might ask some question or she didn't have her empathy belly on for the flight? Also I can pretty much guarantee the AA flight crew would of remembered her, and if she was preg she would of had to ask for a seat belt extender for the flights? Also the times of the birth vary, she had him "that night" (on the 17th?) or at 6AM when LEVI & Bristol convenientlly show up! It was a hand over. Look at the pic of Levi w/TriG...he has a band on his wrist. Why would Levi have a hospital band on his wrist for Sarah?
Crazy Lady is right, Insane Lady!!!!

Phil said...

Why? I think it's because she just really doesn't have any concept of the future beyond the next few minutes. Everything she says indicates that she lives in the moment, even to the extent that when she starts talking she doesn't even know what she's going to say. And yet, she seems to think that people should still believe a word she says, for some reason.

GWB's speech pattern was much the same--start a sentence, and then try to figure out how to continue it. Not a coherent thought for even as long as a single breath.

Anonymous said...

The story is such a crock.

Was she that crazy to endanger the life of a 1 month premature DS baby?

Or she lied about the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Phil no doctor would risk their license and tell her to get on a plane.

Any doctor or person with an ounce of common sense would say go directly to the hospital immediately with all of her risk factors.

she did not have that baby

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me with one of my babies although I delivered naturally, not by c-section. I cringe to think what would have happened if I were strong, sassy lady like Palin (ha). Yeah, my baby would have died. He had to be resuscitated by NICU doctors as it was. He did not breathe for over 3 minutes after being delivered. It was terrifying.

AKPetMom said...

Phil, I think you nailed it. Palin lives in the moment, just like our dogs. It's 10 minutes; that's her attention span. If something happened 10 minutes ago, it's ancient history. She lives and speaks in the moment, much like the pitbull that she proudly professes to be.

For a woman that says that she has no fondness for dogs, she certainly has the attention span of one. BTW, my pitbull Brian could beat her in a beauty contest any day :-) Also too, perhaps in an intelligence contest.

Anonymous said...

Phil: "Everything she says indicates that she lives in the moment, even to the extent that when she starts talking she doesn't even know what she's going to say."

Perfect description. Her tongue leads her brain instead of the other way around. The McCain campaign discovered this fairly early and as a result kept her muzzled except for tightly scripted events.

I remember a "copy" of an Intelligence Test for "Sarah Louise Heath" floating around the internet during the fall of '08 with an IQ score of 83 reported. I thought it was surely a joke .... but in retrospect I'm not so sure.

The things this woman has said and done in public belies a normal intelligence or even normal inhibitory mechanisms (which is often seen with the "intellectually challenged").

Anonymous said...

5:58 AM

I think you have summarized this well.

Can no one get CBJ to speak?

Anonymous said...

"GWB's speech pattern was much the same--start a sentence, and then try to figure out how to continue it. Not a coherent thought for even as long as a single breath."

Yes, so unlike our "um, ah, um" Teleprompter King Obama.

Anonymous said...

"BTW, my pitbull Brian could beat her in a beauty contest any day :-) Also too, perhaps in an intelligence contest."

And yet she rose to become Governor of Alaska, is invited to make speeches all across the country and has become a multi-millionaire due to her writing....have you achieved any of those things ? What does that say about your level of intelligence ?
Interesting to see the puerile level of debate continues in Alaska's progressive circles. Last week Palin was "a retard" and "a slut" and this week she's a "dog". Charming people.

Snowing in Alaska said...

Oh here goes the Quoting Troll! Every post is almost exactly the same format, while using near identical words and snide digs. I think you need a change of format, troll - you are getting extremely boring. Smart humans can learn new tricks (oh, hey - I bet that one gets quoted next!).

Anonymous said...

It didn't take the Libtard Bloggers long to jump all over this story.

Can you honestly say if you've ever written a single word of praise for the Governor ?

Just once ?

I didn't think so......

Perhaps you should rename this blog "Son of Palingates" or "Palingates North" or something catchy like that.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin not only flew from Texas to Alaska after an amniotic fluid leak, she also drove AWAY from hospital(s) with Neo-natal Intensive Care Units to "give birth" in a hospital not even equipped to handle twins.


Because Sarah Palin has no understanding that observers would regard this as "crazy".

Anonymous said...

We also need to take into account why TODD the alleged father of this alleged pregnant ex-half-term GINO would have not INSISTED that she get examined by a doctor before boarding a flight.

They do have doctors in Dallas, you know.

My contention is that she was not pregnant, and there was therefore no danger of an on-flight delivery/disaster.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant Todd the alleged father of the child who is the subject of this alleged pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Not 1 women in her right mind leaking fluid, knowing she was preg with a special needs baby and knowing it was 4 wks early would even step foot on an airplane to travel from Texas to Alaska.

No Dr. in her right mind would have let such a patient fly from Texas to Alaska without being checked out, bypassing hospitals in Dallas, Seattle and Anchorage.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin was not pregnant and when trolls like the one we have above come to her defense, it makes me even more convinced that she faked a pregnancy for political purposes and her followers damn well know it.

Anonymous said...

"Oh here goes the Quoting Troll! Every post is almost exactly the same format, while using near identical words and snide digs."

Perhaps if you progressives in Alaska tried reasoned debate for once in your sad, empty lives instead of infantile abuse ...."Slut", "whore", "dog", "retard" ....then maybe we'd get a better class of troll here. What is fascinating is that the above comment whines about "snide digs" and yet if you take away the snide digs at Sarah Palin that litter this site there'd be virtually no comments on here.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that Sarah Palin's fans applaud her for being a "frontier super woman" and completely give her a pass for doing something reckless and dangerous that threatened the life of her unborn child.

Sarah Palin knew that's what would happen. Her fans are so predictable.

Kevin said...


Respectfully, please take the last step and acknowledge that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig.

First, surely you have seen the photographic evidence at "Palin's Deceptions."

Second, there are the statements of those who saw her, from her governmental co-workers, to the flight attendants who served her on her trip home to Alaska, that she did not appear to be in an advanced state of pregnancy.

Third, as far as I know, every OB/GYN who has been asked has said that if Sarah's doctor had been told that she was leaking amniotic fluid, to tell her it was OK to fly home without being examined first would amount to malpractice, even if the word was not used.

Fourth, everyone appears to agree that if Sarah's "wild ride" had taken place as she described it, she would have been recklessly endangering her unborn baby -- if she had been pregnant. What has been given insufficient attention is that she would also have been recklessly endangering herself, and as far as I know, Sarah's concern for her own welfare has never been in doubt.

Fifth, as another commenter has mentioned, if she had been crazy enough to take that risk, why would Todd have been crazy enough to go along with it? Why would any halfway normal husband have obediently called to arrange transportation back to Alaska, and not immediately, but after Sarah's speech the next morning? Could both Sarah and Todd, who had been through four pregnancies and deliveries together, have been that ignorant and that reckless? And how could Todd have said in an e-mail that Sarah's speech "kicked ass" without mentioning that she was in labor?

Finally, the biggest unanswered question, that you yourself ask, is WHY? The only explanation to appear thus far is that Sarah and Todd didn't want a "fishpicker" born in Texas. So better a dead baby Alaskan "fishpicker" than a live baby Texan? That’s what it means to “choose life”? You call Sarah Palin "Crazy Woman," but do you think Todd is just as crazy?

Sarah Palin’s story is a lie. The whole truth has yet to come out, but that much is clear beyond a reasonable doubt. I am a man of approximately your age, and I understand it feels unseemly to dispute a woman’s statements concerning her own reproductive organs, but no candidate for national office should be allowed to tell a whopper, even about his or her personal life, and not be called on it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Mr. Munger, maybe her doctor said it was OK to do so?

Anonymous said...

Her doctor has never come out and said such a thing. In fact, if her doctor had advised a patient with a high risk pregnancy, leaking amniotic fluid, having contractions, to get on a plane from Texas to Alaska, that doctor should lose her license.

What do you know about pregnancy, labor, and delivery, Jesse?

Those of us who have given birth or whose partners have given birth know the truth. If you are having contractions and you are leaking amniotic fluid, you go to the hospital to get checked out. You don't give a speech and then fly to Alaska. Sarah Palin was either lying or extremely reckless. Don't forget she says she was praying that Trig would be OK. She prayed he would be ok, but she didn't go get checked out by a doctor?

You say she wasn't lying. Perhaps you are more comfortable with the idea that she recklessly and selfishly risked the life of her little angel, Trig.

Anonymous said...

I know enough to mind my own business. You don't question a woman about such matters. It is between the doctor and the patient.

I also know that only the fringe left question the circumstances of Palin's last pregnancy. The rest of us of have the decency to leave the issue be. We don't know all the facts, we weren't there in the hotel room listening in to the conversation between CBJ and Palin.

To answer one of your queries, CBJ said it wasn't unreasonable Palin flew back home. It isn't a big deal. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

So, you don't know anything about labor and delivery, Jesse Cornish (and I'm beginning to think neither does "doctor" Cathy Baldwin Johnson...what an irresponsible doctor.) It's a ridiculous story any way you slice it and Sarah has sliced it many different ways. And if you weren't so blind with lust, you could see that it smacks of a woman who recklessly endangered the life of her unborn child.

It's clear that Sarah Palin can do no wrong in your eyes. She will never be your girlfriend, Jesse. She will never acknowledge you as her personal Sir Lancelot, either.

Anonymous said...

Lancelot wasn't all that great a guy in my opinion. I don't think I want to be compared to him.

Your hatred is politically motivated and since you lack anything else of substance to use against her you attack her parenting abilities. That's just low. But keep it up. It will only backfire.

Cheer up though, things are looking better by the day. Eat a pasty or something.

Lidia said...

Jesse, I'm only bothering to respond to you in the hopes that someone ELSE may catch on, finally.. as I know you never will.

>>CBJ said it wasn't unreasonable Palin flew back home. <<

Exactly. This is the perfect piece of 'proof' for you to use because it is THE TRUTH.

It "wasn't unreasonable" for Palin to have flown to Alaska, or to have gone skydiving, or to have participated in a marathon race... because Palin wasn't pregnant!

CBJ never claimed to have delivered Trig and, while she knows the truth, has chosen to keep mum. Understandably, since we know how vicious and vindictive Palin and her bots are, to the point of violence.

Anonymous said...

To Lidia:

How many violent acts have Palin supporters caused? Name a few.

Second question: Why is everyone lying? CBJ is lying, Levi is lying, the Palin family is lying, photographers are lying, journalists are lying, just about everyone I can think of is lying about Palin being pregnant. Why?

Anonymous said...

@ kevin 2:25 AM

Excellent post. One of the best I've seen so far.

Anonymous said...

"Understandably, since we know how vicious and vindictive Palin and her bots are, to the point of violence."

"bots".....Why do the left insist on trying to dehumanize conservatives. We know it's a tactic that the socialists and communists have used in Germany, Russia, Cambodia and elsewhere but it's frightening to see how prevalent it's becoming in the USA.
And please list these acts of violence that leftists are always whining about. Wasn't it your Messiah Obama who said "get in their faces"?

Anonymous said...

"Bots" does not refer to conservatives, it refers to the wild-eyed followers of Sarah Palin who believe she can do no wrong.