Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 47 -- This is for Mom

Before I answer Mel's great essay, posted directly below, I'm going to talk to my mom. She's 91, listens to Thom Hartmann (who wished her a happy 90th) every day, and is a wonderful, wise, liberal Christian.

Last summer, during the period between Palin's abdication speech and the end of her term, mom asked me to pass on to my Alaska blogging friends, "You tell them thanks for chasing her down here, so she can destroy the Republican Party for the next 20 years."

Well, in the wake of TeabaggerFest 2010, we may or may not be seeing some evidence of mom's vision:

Part of what is fascinating to me about Ms. McCain's statements on The View, is that, even in their somewhat shallow colloquialism, they rang true, were focused and resonated. Beck's (and his radio partners' responses) were no deeper, were unfocused, rang hollow, and had to be what they were. Why did they have to be that? Because Beck's audience is the demographic McCain sees for the political dead-end it is. At least in the long run.

What this FOX News and Teabagger-based alliance is looking like more and more, is a new, ultra-right-wing version of what Jane Hamsher has described from the leftist viewpoint as The Veal Pen. Only, this is GOP Veal Pen Version 2. From the time of Reagan's alliance with the Moral Majority in 1982, especially during the presidency of GHW Bush, and in the younger Bush's terms, the religious right has almost always felt similarly aggrieved to ways the American progressive left now feels in 2010.


Unfortunately, Sarah Palin and her increasingly professional backstage managers (sorry, Nate) is the only major figure in national American politics who actually seems to be drawing more than a few of the young people Meghan McCain understands a major political party actually needs, as older, politically active Democrats and Republicans die off.

With Palin drawing in not only the racists, end-timers, Libertarians who are tired of voting for people who cannot win, and some young people, she is the rightwing side of the same backstage corporatist coin that forged the Obama coalition.

Should Palin actually win in 2012 - not very likely - the Palin coalition will be abandoned at least as quickly as Obama abandoned his.


snowbilly said...

Ms McCain has called herself a "progressive republican," and has said that the party won't be in a good position until it embraces people like herself.

anon. said...

....leave it to phil to try an unsubstantiated, wholly self-fabricated diversionary charade so he can try to draw analogies that don't exist.

You've been taken to task for your crass oafishness, now how about your readers unpeel the rest of the onion.

In your ceaseless attempts to degrade and demean Obama, trying to compare Obama to Palin is your most pretentious, inauthentic and mendacious absurdity yet.

You proved you can cut and paste what other people produce, however, that hasn't qualified you to be capable of providing cogent analysis of much of anything.

When you have nothing more to offer than your own shortcomings, your readers would be better served if you just cut and pasted something from any number of intelligent political analysts that can at least produce something plausible and credible.


Anonymous said...

freeper, you must realize by now that poor old Phil is a sexually repressed
obsessive whose waking hours are consumed by visions of Sarah Palin and people sucking men's testicles.
It's a common scenario for men of a certain advance age - especially those who are watching their extremist political agenda vanish into the toilet of history. Faced with this kind of shock their view of the world grows increasingly bitter. Insults and rants become common place and eventually they end up repulsing even their allies. Sad really.

anon. said...

you've only demonstrated your own neuroses, insecurities, and delusions, anon@10:50.

That, and a distinct lack of wit.

Were you thinking maybe if you wrote that up and sent it off anonymously, you would impress yourself ?

How does that work for you ? I suspect it's all you've got.

Anonymous said...

"you've only demonstrated your own neuroses, insecurities, and delusions, anon@10:50."

Is that really the best you can do ?

"That, and a distinct lack of wit."

Yeah, 'cos calling a woman a "slut" and a "whore' is the height of wit isn't it ?

"How does that work for you ? I suspect it's all you've got."

It works pretty good, thanks. How does defending misogyny work for you ?

"Were you thinking maybe if you wrote that up and sent it off anonymously, you would impress yourself ?"

What are you, the web police ? Kind of ironic that "anon" would attack someone for being "anonymous". Or was that you being witty ?

anon. said...

What I said is fully sufficient to the subject I referred to.

At no point did I make any judgement on anyone calling someone a slut or calling someone a whore.

That fiction was fabricated by you, created to attempt to divert attention from what I did say by offering up your contention that I said something I did not say.

I spoke directly to your neuroses, insecurities, and delusions.

At no point did I speak to or refer to mysogyny.

That again is wholly fabricated by you in a lame attempt just as irrelevant to what I did say.

And lastly, I didn't 'attack' you for being anonymous, I did say that you're actions were nothing more than self-serving and originated from someone overly self-absorbed.

I'm not at all concerned with what you may or may not consider wit or witty, it's a self-evident truth that there's nothing to be gained from heeding the judgement of the dim-witted.