Monday, February 15, 2010

PA's Apology to Sarah Palin

Dear Ms. Palin,

Last week, I wrote a column at my blog, then posted a poll there, both of which used the term “slut” toward you in a demeaning, offensive way.

The column headline was sexist. The poll limited options for voters to having to choose whether one thought you to be a saint or slut. I'm sure you regard yourself to be neither, so the poll was more offensive than the earlier headline had been.

The poll is still active.

Rather than dilute this apology, I might expand on why I was so upset in a later letter.

Or not.

I'm truly sorry.

Phil Munger


Anonymous said...

The liquor gig isn't until April.
Wine & Spirit Wholesalers Las Vegas April 6-8

Tomorrow night she's in Little Rock for a fundraiser for the Republican Party of Arkansas.

Albert Lewis said...

Oh, you think she might forgive you? Not!

(Actually, I've long thought that the slutty stewardess characterization was pretty much on the mark.)

Anonymous said...

So your conscious initial intention was to be demeaning, offensive and sexist, and you deliberately compounded that in the running of an even more offensive poll...

...which you continue to run whilst, in today's headline, giving the finger to those of your friends who were bothered enough to express their sincere concern about your conduct.

Anonymous said...

Phil-sorry I have to disagree with you, she's not a slut, more like a highly paid prostitute. She'll say and do anything for money.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, the poll numbers just keep rising in favor of "slut." If the naughty monkey fits...

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand how Mrs. Palin has managed to get everyone kowtowing to her and her ego. It has been a while since I was in middle school, but as I recall the most effective way of dealing with the girls like Mrs. Palin was to IGNORE them. Their egos feed on the attention. If they do not get the attention, they go away....Phil, you have a right to express your opinion.

ANd it the shoe fits, hey, it fits! Actions speak louder then words.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for high=priced call girl. SHe appears to take her fashion tips from Heidi Fleis.

Janet in Texas said...

High-paid prostitutes wash their hair. Sluts don't ! Therefore Palin = slut !

Mel said...

A classic example of an apology that isn't an apology.

KaJo said...

Maybe it's just me but if I'd posted that comment and the poll on my blog, you'd have to insert burning bamboo slivers under my fingernails to get me to even CONSIDER saying "Sorry!"

And it wouldn't be the least bit sincere either.

In fact, I'd be tempted, once the burning bamboo slivers were extinguished, to take my bloody fingers to the keyboard and write something even more insulting.

She's a useless mouth-wide-open yapping bitch dog, with a bunch of baying mindless mongrels panting after her, all hysterically inhaling her bitch pheromones.

So there. Try to get ME to apologize, Palinbots.

Anonymous said...

Name calling doesn't get anyone anywhere.

Sarah Palin is dishonest.


When evangelicals wake up to this fact then Sarah will be left with a few thousand older, white guy supporters who like her because she is attractive and supposedly hunts. End of story (hopefully).

Bob Broughton said...

My $0.02 worth: I think that "Crazy Woman" is on the mark. Just look at her eyes when she talks.

I also think that "moron" is appropriate. She clearly has below-average intelligence.

However, the best single word for her came from Jon Stewart, in the early going. The Palins are grifters. Even Stewart probably didn't realize at the time how talented they are at it.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 5:06 a.m. - fixed it.

jim said...


You are just more of the same crap. The same old excuses:

"Hi. I'm (insert your name here). I don't respect so-and-so (place their name here). So-and-so is a (insert degrading word or phrase here)."

I have many good and valid reasons to degrade so-and-so (list reasons here).

Phil, thanks for filling out the form.

Humanity has filled out this form so many times before. We'll never learn.

You are not special or unique. You are generic.

BS said...

I think it's all about perception. To those who perceive Palin as a religious figure, she is a saint. To those who perceive her as a sexual figure, she is a "slut." For Phil to use the word "slut" he is perceived as a sexist. I can think of some better descriptive "S" words - such as: sophomoric, seditious, sanctimonious, sarcastic, scandalous, senseless, sneering, screeching, scamming, salad-wordy, sell-outy, spacey, snarky smart-ass. There. Now I wish she would just go away and leave me alone. I am sick to death of her being in my head.

Mel said...

I commented earlier, "A classic example of an apology that isn't an apology."

My more complete comment can be found here.

Mel Green

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you be holding a violin, Mr. Phil?

WaveLength said...

First off, we have this in Wikipedia for "slut" : South Lake Union Trolley, a streetcar line in Seattle.

Then we have this, also in Wikipedia: "Slut or slattern is a pejorative term meaning an individual who is sexually promiscuous. The term is generally applied to women and used as an insult or offensive term of disparagement, meaning "dirty or slovenly." and there is more (

And I really like this one: These definitions identify a slut as a person of low character — a person who lacks the ability or chooses not to exercise a power of discernment to order their affairs, such as a cad, rake, or womanizer.
No apologies needed, Phil. Sarah is what she is.

Philip Munger said...


I've seen pictures of the Seattle S.L.U.T.

Anonymous said...

@Kajo...Well said!!!
Couldn't agree with you more!!!

Hey Pay...hows that snarky, bitchy workin' out for ya?

Anonymous said...


The only thing you should apologize for is not giving more options in your poll. People are not "either-or"..."all-or-nothing"...or just simply binary.

As to the question of whether you should have done a poll at all...It's your business and your blog. I'm mighty tired of people censoring private blogs while Palin has the national media as her personal megaphone for her divisive lies and borderline treason about our duly elected President.

A private blog describing Palin as a "slut" pales in comparison to Palin's totally irresponsible and deadly stupid mouthing off to Chris Wallace that Obama's re-election plans would be successful if he starts a war with Iran. Now, THAT is a situation which demands an apology to PO, the American people, our allies, and even Iran!!!!

Yep....I would have voted for the option "STUPID!" on your poll.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

"media whore" is so much more refined and classy also too.

Mel said...

Thank you Phil for taking the poll down.

Philip Munger said...

it was over.....

Mel said...

Thanks anyway. Your blog looks a lot nicer without it.

Mona said...

Fuck Sarah Palin the slut and the bullshit ethics horse she rode in on.

Mona said...

The comment below is awaiting moderation on "Mel's" blog:

Gosh, when I read a blog that has contents that bother me, I click a little red ‘x’ in the top corner. Like what I’m about to do after I post this comment.

Relax, people. It’s just a blog. Someone’s opinion. Who the fuck cares??? Seriously.