Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Saradise Found - Chapter 28 - Andrew Breitbart Chosen as Stapleton's replacement

Just kidding. But he's one of the top contenders at some of the Palin shrines, and a contact on Lake Lucille reported seeing somebody looking like Breitbart leaving the Palin cult compound area this morning.

Here are the names that crop up most:

Andrew Breitbart :

S.E. Cupp:

Pam Geller:

Mary Matalin:

Rebecca Mansour: (no videos available, rumored to have moved to Fairbanks)

Bristol Palin: (she already has a gig)

Dana Perino:

Ann Coulter:

Michelle Malkin:

Dick Morris:

Charles Krauthammer:

Looks like Michelle Malkin might be on the inside track for class (sorry, Ann), and Dana certainly has a grasp of knowledge Palin can identify with.


Jesse Cornish is a An Impotent Weirdo said...

Wasyphilis will not select a woman whose physical attributes are commensurate with her own, thereby excluding all but Ann Coulter–and her balls–and Becky Man Sour (aka: the original Falafel Lady).

snowbilly said...

In a recent NY Times article about the "awesome" staff Palin was building -- the reporter appears to have talked with people recommended by Meg, the reporter wrote that Dana Perino "seemed barely to know her [Palin]."

A CNN article mentioned that there were no immediate plans to hire a replacement -- they talked with two sources close to the Palins.

Anonymous said...

Brietbart is on his way out for to the anon about "becky" being the original Falafel lady...heh! I was thinking that myself earlier...

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry to Jesse Cornish is a An Impotent Weirdo I just saw you are not your comment...

Anonymous said...

OMG Phil! Pamela Geller? HA!!

Palin will speak for herself now, pitifully.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Greta and her creepy husband John Coale.

Philip Munger said...

Greta's got a gig, and none of the Palin shrines recommended her. Too elitist, I think...

Anonymous said...

I vote for John Ziegler -- true undying devotion!

Anonymous said...

Wow, in a list of boring posts this one is the most dreary on PA for quite some while. Where's all that bubbly hope and change you folk were bursting with this time last year ?

Anonymous said...

$P and the Repugs are full of doom and gloom. They would like put us into pain and despair, with no new or constructive ideas to put forward. The party of "no" and "hate". Meg Stapleton was a key player in this hatefest.

I think Phil's post is pretty funny. It shows the circus that is all things Palin and Repug at the moment. They all flew in from the Island of Misfit Toys. Or escaped from the loony bin. Can't wait to see what "the trainwreck that is all things Palin" does next. It's reality TV at its lowest. On par with Jerry Springer. LOL

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, RAM has left too much destruction in her wake to ever be a candidate for a more public role. That the blogosphere is littered with her foul-mouthed tirades ensures that while we may continue to be subjected to her shrill facebook rants, we'll never be subjected to the horror of her actual face.

Given their respective track records, it's only a matter of time before she and Snowbilly part ways, and I, for one, would gladly underwrite the lawyerly acrobatics necessary to invalidate that NDA.

oregonbird said...

Just read the Daily Beast's article on Stapleton. I've got quibbles.

Meg described Palin as "a politician who... naturally gravitates toward unfiltered social media like Facebook and Twitter."

Unfiltered? Really? I filter my facebook account. Pretty sure that if I had Twitter, I'd try to keep it clear of people who weren't my sort of people. And if Palin allows just anybody to write on her wall, it isn't noticeable. In fact, I'm absolutely certain she doesn't invite just anybody on, and throws dozens off every day. Yeah, "unfiltered".

Meg also claimed that Palin "has that immediate connection and doesn't want to lose that immediate and direct connection to the people. Reporters and others in the establishment and the elite cannot just grasp it... She thrives on that connection."

Which explains why she avoided actual contact, and hid behind curtains from the hard-core fans who came to her book signings. Why she wouldn't allow photographs (unless they were purchased at exorbitant prices.) It explains the "deny entry" list. The removal of persons wearing non-approved shirts. The lack of appreciation shown publically to the people who did the work.

Second point: Stapleton still connects herself very strongly to Palin. All that rancour against the "establishment" and the "elite". Stapleton lives in upstate New York. In a very, very expensive house. But she's not elite! And she hasn't just spent years working inside the establishment. And that fancy eastern college she went to? Also not elite.

"We responded to that which we wished to respond. And I am comfortable to the extent we communicated with the public."

WHICH college did she graduate from, again? And please tell me that English is her second language. Meg has the toffee-nosed sentence structure of an elitist down pat, and yet no actual ability to constuct a proper sentence. Which, if she didn't work for Palin? Would be a problem in a spokesperson.

The last quote is my favorite.

"It's fair to judge by results," Malek said. "Sarah Palin has risen in both prominence and wealth. By any measure Team Palin has been a huge success and Meg has been a big part of it. Who else is there besides Sarah herself?"

Yay for wealth! And nobody else. Really. Just ask Palin, or check her facebook or twitty account. Meg? Who's she?

Anonymous said...

"Yay for wealth! And nobody else. Really. Just ask Palin, or check her facebook or twitty account. Meg? Who's she?"

Another envious Leftist loser who still can't accept that a popular conservative woman is doing better in life than themselves. Must hurt !