Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Saradise Found - Chapter 24 - If Palin Succeeds in Getting Rahm Fired, I'm Bringing Her a HUGE Bouquet

Some of the Crazy Woman's least favorite blogs have wondered why it took Rebecca Mansour almost a week to come up with and write "Palin's" facebook post objecting to Obama's Chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel describing people like me as "fucking retarded." Speculation initially was that the paid flacks who used to run the Sea of Pee needed a diversion.

They got it. Emanuel had already apologized for his remarks. To the developmentally disabled and their advocates, not to progressives.

Now that the story has gotten a bit of traction, the Sarahbots are being asked to call their congressmen and women, demanding they demand Emanuel's resignation. Keep demanding. Get Glenn Beck in on it too, if you can. And BillO and Sean. Please!

I doubt Emanuel will resign, though. He's got some sort of protection that allows him to destroy one Democratic Party presidency after another. I've been writing about his questionable characteristics for about two years now, being tutored by the master, Howie Klein.

Last summer, just before the Palin machine hired RAM, I spent several hours with her on the phone when she was in Alaska. I had invited her to come to a dinner with the Alaska progressive bloggers. On Eddie Burke's KBYR program, she accepted. Then she backed out. Too bad.

Rebecca has perhaps as deep an abiding dislike for Rahm Emanuel as do I. Some of our reasons overlap, but not most of them. Rebecca is Lebanese-American, and has some poignant family stories to tell, that shed light on why she is most likely the driving force behind this push to rid us of this foul man.

Good luck, RAM, on ridding us of Rahm!

If he resigns, I'll not only bring Palin flowers, but I'll send you some too.

Howard Dean might chip in.


Anonymous said...

Oh Phil - Do not go there. We have to think about the big picture - do not give RAM the benefit of the doubt - she would not do the same for you. Pick your battles.

Sees the truth said...

Well we know you don't like Israelis or Jews. Anti-semitism from left really is disturbing. It's hypocritical and shows their own buried racism. Is this what you and the woman from Lebonon have in common? You have no idea what it's like to be in a minority that is hated. I have family stories too that are terrible but I bet you wouldn't be capable of seeing both sides. Not everyone who criticizes Israels politics is anti-Semitic, but you are. I've read here long enough to detect it even though you deny it. You do not understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but you think you do. It's sad that you have no clue about the real history and what Jews have had to endure to have ONE teeny tiny bit of land in the entire world to call their own. You are also incredibly naive about Hamas and some of the Palestinian people. They do not want peace. They do not want two states. They want the total destruction of Israel and Jews. You should spend some time in Israel - just maybe your mind would open up a bit to BOTH sides.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 11:24 pm,

You've made a very serious accusation.

I think I may have a far higher regard for the future of Judaism than do you. I have faith that perhaps many of the most important positive and imaginative solutions to our planet's future will come from Israeli Jews.

Not the ones in power now, though. And not in ways you might even understand.

dsmyre said...

RAM is Lebanese-American? I am shocked. Doesn't Rebecca know about Sarah calling Andree McLeod "falafel lady"?

"Because McLeod has some Lebanese heritage, Palin dubbed her “the falafel lady.” And claimed she’s some sort of left-wing nutcase, because she had the chutzpah to call Palin to account for numerous ethics violations."



Anonymous said...

The point that is most salient to me is that Sarah is claiming that down syndrome people should be offended for being compared with liberal democrats (to whom Rahm made the 'retard' comment). Rahm was never addressing or speaking to or about developmentally disabled people – he was rapping on/with his bros. But Palin thinks that democrats are such a low subspecies that calling them 'retards' is an insult to retarded people. THAT is where she is coming from.

Anonymous said...

It's laughable to think that if RE is fired, it would be due to RAM or the Palinbots. Seriously. He's a jerk and everyone knows it (in particular the Democrats). Don't give Palin and her moonies credit for things they don't deserve. You disappoint me, Phil.

Anonymous said...

dsmyre - Everybody in Alaska refers to McLeod as the "Falafel Lady", in fact it's a phrase that she coined herself.

There's also a Falafel King in Anchorage located near 9th and Gambell. Run by an Israeli man, his wife and two daughters, I usually go for the Schnitzel, but it's all good, really.

jamie said...

Next in their righteous sights will be other levels of classification in the index of mental retardation: it won't be politically correct to refer to anyone as an idiot, imbecile or moron. Then as a society we will truly be free, and a person's intelligence will no longer limit them from acceptance. Or at least holding political office
What's fantastic is that they've finally progressed (matured?) to where "fucking" is okay to say and isn't a bad word in comparison or at least in context with "retarded."

Anonymous said...

Weird. Remember that 21 year old college blogger who sat in his mom's basement in Colorado Springs and blogged on conservative sites non-stop about Sarah for a year - then, wa la, she was put on the ticket - what was his name? Adam something.

Anyway. I researched him, right after Sarah was tapped in August of 08 and he is a Christian Zionist and felt like Sarah would be the best pro-Zionist leader for Israel (from the White House).

Of course, Sarah Palin doesn't have the slightest shred of a foggy thought about Israel - but odd that both zealots from different sides of the spectrum keep pumping life into her (Adam and RAM) thinking they will be able to manipulate her for their own ends.

They don't know yet that Sarah only has one end in mind - her own. It's not about ideas or ideals with her. It's about her.

Anonymous said...

Still barking up the wrong tree Phil. Insiders say if there was more Rahm doing what he was hired to do rather than having to run several depts that don't have 'heads' appointed yet due to GOP repeated blocks of nominees. He's busy managing these depts rather than doing what he was hired. We'd see more progress if Rahm was doing more NOT LESS!

Makes sense Palin would want him fired, but not for the reason she claims.

Google what's really goin on with Obama's choices for heads of most depts. GOP holding up as many as 40-60 appointments and it's been a year! THIS IS THE REAL NEWS!

They held up Tammy Duckworth from head of VA Affairs for months........why?!

Again RAHM not the problem. Once he's set free to do what he was hired we'll see more, wait and see.

Jessica said...

I like Rahm ... perhaps you think that Jews do not take pride in having other Jews achieve high positions ... well, I for one do ... I know I still must regard him critically (Kissinger was not a Jew I admired, nor is Lieberman). Can you please articulate what your issues with Rahm are? If not, I find myself coming to the same conclusions others have: that you are anti-semitic. I know you hate to hear this ... and call it harsh. Please prove my wrong ... what's the problem with Rahm? You have articulated your issues with Obama ... nobody is calling you a racist ... clarify for us about R.E.


Anonymous said...

Phil this is the real story on BO and corporate democrats


Philip Munger said...

Rahm Emanuel's heritage has nothing to do with my dislike of him. As I've written here many times, I am an opponent of militant Zionist expansionism, and a champion of Palestinian rights. The fact that Emanuel is a Zionist expansionist is only a small part of my opposition to him.

He has constantly advanced anti-progressive agendas, in the Clinton administration, in congress and now, as Obama's chief-of-staff. He has successfully almost totally dismantled Howard Dean's 50-state strategy machinery. He's a neo-lib militarist, and is part of the teram that has convinced Obama to go against solid advice regarding the war in Afghanistan and the US government's expansion of the use of private contractors.

As I wrote above, my tutor on Emanuel initially was Howie Klein. Klein is Jewish and is more favorable toward the Zionist experiment than am I. That hasn't kept us from working together several times, for instance, in helping get Mark Begich tens of thousands of dollars in donations in 2008 from progressives.

RAM's story she shared with me about her family's experiences with Zionism may or may not be the main underlying reason she has targeted Rahm. It certainly isn't because Emanuel is almost single-handedly dismantling a vibrant progressive vision for America's future.

Anonymous said...

racism and tried and true "anti semitism"- zionist murders BFF

keep talking Phil

Anonymous said...

palin letter to Obama re: rham emanuel's "R" word comment for which she wants him fired (he wasn't even using it to describe any group - was an unfortunate adjective) ...wasn't it Levi who said she used the "R" word her own self to describe her own (maybe) flesh & blood baby ??? I really despise her in every sense of her being...not just for this, but for everything she says and does with such defense and distain.

Anonymous said...

"Rahm Emanuel's heritage has nothing to do with my dislike of him."

To use the kind of language you normally employ...bullshit. You never miss a chance to attack Israel . The day after the Fort Hood shootings you decided to deflect blame from the muslim gunman by running a bullshit story about some Jewish preacher in Israel. This whole site and most of your little coterie of "followers" reek of anti-semitism. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 6:13,

you mistake my concern over militant Zionist expansionism and its negative effects on my country's policies with something about religion. you're not the first to do that, nor will you be the last.

Manuel said...

Rahm is hated for NAFTA, Rahm helped kill a real healthcare bill. Rahm as a House Rep told the new dems in the house to make immigration an issue in a sense he wanted to sell us Mexicans out.
Without us Texas, California how many states did we give Dems the victory.
If the Dems had listened to Rahm even Obama would have lost the election.

Manuel said...

Rahm is hated for NAFTA, Rahm helped kill a real healthcare bill. Rahm as a House Rep told the new dems in the house to make immigration an issue in a sense he wanted to sell us Mexicans out.
Without us Texas, California how many states did we give Dems the victory.
If the Dems had listened to Rahm even Obama would have lost the election.