Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saradise Found - Chapter 25 - Chris Wallace Wants Palin to Sit on His Lap


Anonymous said...

Looks like CW may have found her escape route!

Anonymous said...

Crass and classless. This is what Sarah inspires in many Republican men and teabaggers. I just think she's very damaging to women that want to be taken seriously. When you can get what you want: elected office, money, adoring followers, etc. with a wink, wink, you betcha ya, word salad communication technique, it speaks to the baseness of Sarah's character.

Anonymous said...

There is no respect for Palin there. I wonder if Bible Spice will show her outrage toward her fellow Fox celebrity, Chri Wallace (I cannot call them "newscasters".

I do find it interesting that Wallace refers to the Crazy Woman as "Governor" when that is not her title. She barely served half a term before she quit that job and has not earned the honorific. Those Fox morons need to use her proper title, which is "Ms.Palin" or "Mrs. Palin" or "Sarah". They could call also call her "grifter" as the NY Times did today, but I suppose one could argue that would not be proper. Of course, talking about Palin sitting on one's lap is also not exactly proper...but after she wore that micromini skirt and CFM pumps to the Memorial Day service last year, who could blame Imus or Wallace for viewing her that way.