Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marcy Wheeler - "If I Were a War Criminal, I'd Probably Lie About it Too!"

Award-winning author, Marcy Wheeler, whose blog, Emptywheel, is a treasure trove of accurate information on American torture practices, Toyota software problems, pro football playoffs and other matters, posted this video from Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show this morning, noting about former Vice Pres. Cheney, that, "If I were a war criminal, I'd probably lie about it too":


Anonymous said...

Sorry Phil this is a little OT, but I posted a comment on one of your previous articles discussing Rahm. I had left you a comment about someone I'm close to has many friends/former associates working in WH and was told Axelrod is in the way and Rahm is underutilized.

Didn't know about the first Milbanks article when I found this but interesting to say the least. Sounds very similiar to what I was told.

Anonymous said...

Thank God that Bush, Cheney and others took the appropriate measures to keep America safe and that terrorists were treated as terrorists and not as common pick-pockets.