Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Snow is Coming

 The weather forecast is calling for at least an inch of snow overnight.  The NOAA weather radar shows heavy showfall in the NW Chugach range and NW Prince William Sound, which often means we'll be getting it soon.  So, rather than wait until tomorrow to stack two cords of firewood that just got delivered, I left Occupy Anchorage a little earlier than I wanted, and came home.  Judy and I stacked this in about 50 minutes.  Strider the Lab looked impressed as he watched.


Amy1 said...

Phil -- How many cords of wood do you go through in a winter? Do you have other heat? Do you know anyone who has a ceramic Swedish wood stove? I have heard they are the best for heating with the least amount of wood and the heat is so long-lasting.

I have a summer cabin in a northernmost part of the lower 48 that I hope someday to spend winters in. I have a small potbelly cast iron stove, but the heat does not last all night, and the too-often feeding would not work in the winter.

Miss Demeanor said...

Here's hoping we get a good snow cover to protect the perennials and the trees.
We lost 8 of our mountain ash this past winter - they were 7 years old!
Did you and Judy roast any of your carrots?
Thanks for all you write, and your wonderful photographs.

Philip Munger said...


probably 5 this winter. The house is heated by natural gas. The shop is heated by a combination of wood in an old, huge Charmaster wood stove and electricity.

I love the Swedish ceramic stove you mention. If I were going to spend money on shop heating changes, it would be to get wind generators, batteries and solar panels.

Philip Munger said...

Miss Demeanor,


We've talked about roasting carrots, but haven't. There are some huge ones - maybe I'll try.

Amy1 said...

Thanks for responding, Phil. 5 cords. I like seeing your nicely stacked wood. My understanding is the the ceramic stove is v expensive, and expensive to install. But gorgeous. And time tested. Even Mark Twain exaggerates and says it takes only a few little twigs to heat a room a long time. In some other life, I will make sure to have one.