Sunday, October 30, 2011

Feeling Better About Occupy Anchorage

Anchorage peace icon Ruth Sheridan at Occupy Anchorage - Oct. 29, 2011
Seeing Ruth Sheridan so effusively happy was great frosting on the cake.  The rat was pretty friggin' cool too, but should have been right out in front, for passers-by to see.  The way the wind kicked up a couple of times, though, made it logical to have it in the midst of trees to which lines were tied.

 Occupy Anchorage is real.  I was depressed after attending the last one I went to.  I left this one singing from Nabucco.

Here's my video:


womanwithsardinecan said...

We have 3 Occupy sites in our immediate area: Occupy Humboldt, Occupy Arcata, and Occupy Eureka. Occupy Arcata ran into trouble with the community when they took over our town square and let it degenerate into a 24-hour party. They were offered the City Hall lawn, but they refused at first. The police, supported by the community, served them an eviction notice with no specific deadline. Many in the group had wanted to be at City Hall anyway, because it is actually a better location, but the aggressive, we're-taking-over people wanted the Plaza, which is the heart of our little town and heavily used by all of our citizens. Faced with a community that would otherwise be strongly supportive, with an eviction notice because of the specific no camping ordinance on the Plaza, and an increasingly out of control party group that the organizers could not control, the next general assembly produced a strong consensus to move. Now most of the group are quite happy at the new location, and the town has gone back to supporting them. I took them a big batch of soup yesterday, and will do it again when I can afford it. And I set up an "Occupy Your Community" table in my yard to remind my neighbors that there are many ways to make our community a better place, whether donating time or money to local food banks, moving your money to the local credit union, voting, staying informed, helping to supply local Occupy groups, or getting involved in local government.

womanwithsardinecan said...

I work at the McKinleyville Family Resource Center and Food Pantry. The Grace Good Shepherd Church and the Food Pantry are partnered in a series of free lunches for our Food Bank clients and volunteers. We bring in a speaker who has information or connections that can help us. Everybody gets a free lunch, gets information, and gets to ask questions. Last time it was our Congressman's top aide. This time it is the director of our local Food For People organization (we are a Food For People Pantry). USDA and FEMA have reduced the amount of federal commodities we get because that's one of the money-saving measures Congress voted in. Nice, huh? No taxes for the rich but let's cut back on food for the poor. Anyway, this time the discussion will be about whether we can reverse that decision.

PollyinAK said...

I didn't know that there is an Occupy Wall Street Journal.

AKjah said...

Thanks for doing that Phil. As we move indoors for the winter let's hope more folks will engage with the assembly's and have an effect on our corrupt state government.
The numbers here in Homer are about the same as you see there. Saturday is no longer a work day for me. Alas my job is such there is no schedule but this is to important.
Thought of you scoring some music to all this. Then i went and plugged in some Bolero.