Monday, October 3, 2011

More Tomato Pictures? - Yep!

It is getting close to the end of gardening season.  Certainly outdoors, where only the remainder of the carrots remain in the ground.  In the greenhouse, herbs and tomatoes are still planted, but most are already harvested.

We've dried hundreds of tomatoes, put close to a hundred into tomato sauce, made it into homemade V-8 juice, cooked them in omelettes and other dishes, and eaten a lot of them raw - either in BLT sandwiches, or just plain, with salt and pepper.  Yum! 

Above is a cluster of Black from Tula tomatoes I plucked this morning, as the vines they hung from were no longer providing nourishment.

Here's the biggest Black from Tula tomato I've ever grown:

Here's the interesting underside of a Black from Tula gem:

And here's a luscious, tangy Green Zebra tomato:


Aussie Blue Sky said...

I love your tomato pix! I'm planting mine out next week. The Victorian tradition is to have them in the ground by Melbourne Cup Day (1st Tuesday in November, major horse race, public holiday). What happens after the planting depends on climate change - the last reasonable crop was in 2005 but I still plant every year. I grow Rouge de Marmande because everyone loves them.

WaveLength said...

The number of different tomato types is amazing. And they are all so beautiful. The smell of the leaves gives is wonderful as well. (More than wonderful, but I don't know that using the "O" word is appropriate here on your blog!)

Anyway - great photos, Phil.

Philip Munger said...


I love that - by Melbourne Cup Day. My goal in 2012 will be by a week after Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

I so envy you your beautiful tomatoes and the rest of the garden goodies, but especially the tomatoes.

I'm not able to grow them where I currently live. In my past life I grew them and a few other things. There is NOTHING like a garden grown ripe tomato. It's impossible to get good ones in the stores, even the organic grown so enjoy them for me, and if I can't taste them at least I can enjoy your beautiful pictures. Thanks!