Friday, October 28, 2011

Have They Stopped Calling Us "Firebaggers" Yet?

Bradley Manning supporters outside Quantico early in 2011
 [reposted from firedoglake]

There were so many sparks waiting to hit the dry kindling and brush piles of corruption and unwarranted privilege that are now fueling the rage behind the Occupy Wall Street movement. Nobody can say for sure which flicker finally took.

But as the clutters of dried and useless corruption warmed in the late summer breezes, we can say that most of the people, bloggers, blue Dogs, Obama fetish worshippers and party apparatchiks who were so fervent to label us here as loose cannons, people upsetting 2012 chances, "fucking retards," firebaggers  and other such nonsense, did not help light this historic set of events aflame.   Now some of them reach for a grab at what they see as a quickly passing bandwagon.

On one hand, the list of so-called progressives who did not help create questions in peoples' minds is long.  I'm not going to list my favorite ones.  You can.

On the other, the list of people who helped develop the level of realization that we are simply getting totally screwed by both parties in power is long, too.  I'm not going to list my favorite ones, past this one - firedoglake.

Beyond that, nobody seems to be derisively calling us firebaggers now.  Except maybe around the water cooler or gun cleaning table at the Oakland Police Department.

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AKjah said...

Hmmm something is missing from my first reading. Could it be the part i was reluctant to comment on?