Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dylan Ratigan Dares Obama, The GOP and Congressional Democrats to Face Reality. - Is MSNBC Going to Cenk Him Now?


nswfm said...

Someone else noticed Dylan Ratigan's rant:

It's worth looking at this artist's work.

nemcw said...

This is worth keeping around for when the in-laws (brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins,etc) visit.

KaJo said...

Oh, sure, if President Obama says to The People of America, for instance on his upcoming Bus Tour, that Congress is bought-and-paid-for, the first thing Congress is going to do is start proceedings to impeach him.

He'll be branded as a traitor, a subversive. And the Republicans in that bought-and-paid-for Congress will be rubbing their hands in glee, chortling that they didn't have to tell any more lies to bring him down, he did it himself.

Anyone who wants a real change in any of the three branches of our Federal government is going to have to find another way, and I, for one, don't see how it can be accomplished. Corruption is too deeply entrenched in those three branches, AND the Fourth Estate as well.

I wasthinking of moving to Europe, but it's not any less unsettled there, and besides, my invested money is worse off than it was in 2008 (because I'd only regained about 75% of what the original balance was before September 2008).

AKjah said...

KaJo running wont help you or anyone. This is our fight band we should stand and deliver. It is a class war and we have yet to see how it will be defined. I though will not run from my brothers and sisters.

nemcw said...

"We are the powers that be"

It's a bumper sticker I continue to flaunt.