Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Band With Strong Alaska Roots - Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside: on Letterman Tonight

Last May, Alaskans in Anchorage, Kodiak and Trapper Creek were treated to the hottest new band with strong Alaska roots - Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside.  Their new album, Dirty Radio, is getting consistently good reviews, as are the concerts in their tour to promote the CD.  The blog, LA Music, calls them "a band to watch."

My nephew, Jeff Munger, is their lead guitar.  He's not the Alaskan roots - he's the only native of Portland Oregon, where the band is based.  But Ford Tennis on drums and Tyler Tornfelt on bass are from Alaska, with deep family roots here.

Three generations of Mungers will be watching Jeff's national TV debut tonight from here in Seattle.  Go Sallie!  This is probably one of the songs they will play on Letterman:

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clark said...

what a great, catchy, sardonic little song. it'll go far.