Sunday, November 14, 2010

Watching Sarah Palin's Alaska

1. Some of the scenery was spectacular, as one can imagine it should be.

2. Where's Track? Supposedly, he helps around the house.

3. Todd looks mildly annoyed.

4. They really should have spent more time teaching Piper's friend (McKenzie? McKinley) to fish. She said she had never caught a fish. Both the guide and Todd should have realized that having her land her own first catch might have made some precious footage. It appears she didn't catch one, and - believe me - those fish were there to catch, and easily.

5. The rock climbing episode was simply awful. I can sympathise with Sarah that the first step for a beginner is really, really hard, but most tyro climbers quickly realize how much energy it takes within a few vertical moves, how one can take advantage of staying close to the rock face, and how isometric the whole exercise is.

She kept on leaning outward and whining. Her pants seemed to restrict lateral moves of her legs, which wasn't her fault. But her whining and self pitying was horrid. (I used to rock climb - 5.7 - 5.8-ish level)

6. The inevitable scene where she encourages people and the kids to think of Joe McGinniss as something he certainly is not probably bothered me the most. Even more than that graty, cat scratching on a window pane voice.

This episode has been well covered by other bloggers and journalists, who had seen the scene in trailers or promos, and were troubled by its potential as slander. It is slander. Blotting Joe's face out in the scenes in which they invade his privacy is sleazy, feeding the false meme that equates him with some criminal or weirdo.

I only spent part of one day with McGinniss while he was here. I set up his security perimeter shortly after he moved in. I got him the stuff, set it up and left. I'm convinced that he was in far more danger of harrassment or danger along that lake shore than were the Palins, not just then, but through the summer.

image - Zina Saunders


Anonymous said...

Its clear they ignored Joe's lawyer, while showing the can-I-get-a-peephole-toddy, clip,

Her grown kids walk all over her. She can only dominate the wee ones.

justafarmer said...

great analysis, Phil. I saw the same things.
and a few more...Piper rock climbing and the instructor pushing on her butt to get up the wall...Piper did NOT want to be part of any of that

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Loved the "rock climbing" .... that's definitely how I want to see my future Commander in Chief - whining piteously instead of manning-up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Phil for the rundown and everyone for the comments. I haven't watched the show, and don't want to, but still curious. It sounds awful. Sarah's fans will undoubtedly think that Sarah is so precious and cute. Hopefully, some of the Sarah fans, who aren't into the kool-aid, will see her for what she is. Alaskans have been trying to tell the world SarahPAC's latest FEC report shows that there is only one Alaskan donor. Sarah knows she can't dupe Alaska, so she is duping the "lower '48".

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I hope the "fans" begin to see her for what she is. Why would anyone paint their face to go mountain climbing or fishing!

Anyway, I did not watch. That comment is from seeing the clip over and over again on all kinds of channels. This was heavily marketed including on HGTV, CNN, and local channels! That's big bucks. I have never had this much marketing on a TLC series of any kind before. Hmmmm

Anyway, I am interested in the SarahPAC FEC enquiry thing. Who do you all think is that one donor?? Or you think she just didnt give the correct number?

And, what's with "Visa" as a line item? Is that even allowed? They are supposed to itemize each expense. Visa is like saying 'Cash spent' - not allowed.

Anonymous said...

I googled for more reactions to Palin's show, and it appears that there are a lot of favorable comments... more than unfavorable ones. ugh .. maybe, because her fans are the ones paying attention to it... not her un-fans...

Anonymous said...

It's McKinley and she is Mike and Molly's daughter - Piper's cousin and Sarah's niece.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 10:31 - thanks. fixed it.