Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jerry Bock, Composer of Fiddler on the Roof & Fiorello, Passes

Broadway composer Jerry Bock passed away this morning, 20 days short of his 82nd birthday. Here he is shown, six years ago, with his collaborator and creative partner, lyricist Sheldon Hamrick.

Together, they created a number of works. Two of them - Fiorello! and Fiddler on the Roof - became huge hits on the Broadway stage.

Fiorello! was somewhat gnarly as musicals go, and too local to become a recurring masterpiece. It won a Pulitzer Prize and many other honors.

Fiddler has endured. I'm sure that it is currently in production at scores of community theaters around the planet, in several languages. I've performed in it several times.

Here are two scenes from the movie made from the stage musical. First, the dream sequence, my favorite scene:

My favorite song from Fiddler:


HarpboyAK said...

"Fiorello!" was the first Broadway musical I saw live --- it was a road show production in Seattle featuring Tom Bosley (who died several weeks ago) and Howard Da Silva (who had been blacklisted for refusing to testify at the HUAC hearings during the Red Scare of the 1950s).

It's been called "the best unknown musical", and it has never been as popular as it really deserves, with some great tunes and good humor.

Oy! That Jerry, he was a mensch! Two great shows, not bad.

Anonymous said...

I loved his work. Fiddler was also one of the first live shows I saw as a kid.

Have the album/CD and still enjoy it greatly.

Thanks for remembering him!


ozmud said...

I was privileged to watch Zero Mostel perform Fiddler at the San Francisco Opera House. I can still sing the whole score in my head. thak you Mr. Bock :)