Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dream on, Joe......

The projected fantasy outcome, courtesy of Joe the Teabagger's campaign fan shrine page:


Anonymous said...

Who really cares who wins?

Both are Republican; which is good for Alaska and good for America.

They would both vote the same 98% of the time.

They both would support Republican leadership

They would both vote to filibuster proposed crazy liberal legislation.

And BEST of all they both would oppose that commie bastard President Barrack HUSSEIN Obama!

Bad year to be a democrat in Alaska

Anonymous said...

@3:03 - Teabagging, baby, like it's 1999.

Martha said...

I agree with the first posting here except that voting republican is better for anyone.

However as Thurgood Marshall said, a snake is a snake whether it is a white snake or a black snake and they BOTH will bite you.

In Alaska a republican is a republican, whether it has facial hair or not and they will BOTH vote against Alaskan's and America's best interest.

The democrats in Alaska refused to think, and allowed the " false fear" of a "Joe Miller boogey man" SUCKER them in to voting for the other snake, when the could have had Scott McAdams.

This chance will not present itself for another generation at least.

I just hope your children are smarter than you are!!

Anonymous said...

They would vote different on woman's choice issues which is an important distinction

frsbdg said...

If my math is correct, and these 7,638 votes constitute a representative sample, Murkowski will end up with 82,424 total votes. Miller’s current tally is 81,195. So Lisa wouldn’t even need any of those challenged ballots at this point. How much you want to bet that the Miller campaign has calculated what fraction of the ballots need to be thrown out for him to win, and they are basing their challenges on that math? That way, when Lisa wins, the Teabaggers will say that the court gave it to her. Keep an eye on the proportion of challenged ballots over the next few days, as that will be very revealing.