Monday, November 22, 2010

JFK's Texas - At Least as Fake as Sarah Palin's Alaska

Sarah Palin's Alaska
tries to describe an Alaska that really doesn't exist. Yet viewers get to see the Palins doing a lot of stuff that appears to really happen in front of their eyes. They fish, they climb, they fly, they shoot, they club halibut in the head.

I do all that stuff too.

All real stuff. But could Sarah Palin pump three rounds out of an old Italian Army rifle in less than five seconds? On target?

Of course not. Nobody could.

Nobody could.

Not Sarah Palin, not Jesse Ventura, not Lee Harvey Oswald.

It is even more difficult to shoot an animal or person from behind and have the top of the head explode back toward the bullet. I've never seen it happen, and never will. The last shot was from in front of the president's car, not behind.

It's called the third shot. Everyone acknowledges it happened, but the obvious direction of the shot is often glossed over.

Sarah Palin's Alaska. Just as fake as JFK's Texas.

Americans love to be lied to.


funkalunatic said...

tangentially related: Wikieaks's latest tweets include the following tidbits:

"The coming months will see a new world, where global history is redefined..."

"Next release is 7x the size of the Iraq War Logs..."

Jean Clarkin said...

Thanks for this post. This day will always be a sad one for me, but so many people don't remember/realize what day it is.

There was a good, personal op-ed piece in the NYT today by Mrs. Kennedy's Secret Service Agent.

Its here:

Thanks again, and be careful out there...

AKjah said...

I have no views on the future. Only that it think it will come faster than we think.

Anonymous said...

Great comparison. Why is media party to such fake stories?
Media's ratings game is driving Sarah Palin. Big media (and I dont mean MSM, rather all) should know that what is in the best interest of the country is indeed in the best interest of media in the medium to long-run.

Anonymous said...

you know the jews did it.