Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alaskans Refudiate Joe the Teabagger's Wild Ride - and a New Poll

Joe Miller's negatives were never low, but they began their rapid escalation into the territory that spells doom for any statewide office aspirant over the weekend of October 8 through 11. That was the period during which he reversed what had looked like a policy of agreeing to opening up his Fairbanks North Star Borough personnel file, and deciding to fight release of the file, while tossing in a declaration of war against the Alaska press.

Miller's Monday October 11th "line in the sand" turned out to be his line in the quicksand. As his penchant for twitter gaffs began to be exceeded by public realization that the man is simply unfit for public office, his negatives move up into the high 50s or low 60s.

All this happened fairly fast. Many of the most weird of revelations haven't yet been digested, particularly that of his seeming paranoia in February and March of 2008. As more people from that time period come forward, realizing that Miller will not be in a position to crush them in retribution, Miller's negatives will continue to grow. Alaskans will not look back on Miller's campaign with sympathy toward this highly manipulative grifter.

Perhaps the most important turning point against Miller's "line in the sand" stance was the lawsuit initiated against the FNSB by The Alaska Dispatch, and later joined by other Alaska media outlets. Miller's reaction against the suit left a very bad taste in the mouth of moderates who had up until then been considering supporting Miller with their vote. He had, after all, declared during the primary that he had already released all revalant information, so what was the fuss?

Miller won't fade from the Alaska scene as quickly as did John Lindauer. Here are some possibilities:
There are two new job openings with KTVA TV.

He could become an Anchorage talk radio host.

He could once again try to unseat Randy Reudrich as GOP chairman.

Sean Parnell could offer him a job overseeing use of computers during lunch hours by state employees.

He could open up a Fairbanks or Leipzig branch of Drop Zone.
What do you think Joe should do?

I've posted a new poll - Is Joe Miller finished in Alaska politics?


Anonymous said...

What do I think Joe should do?

He needs to meet with Drop Zone Bill and Norm to plan a defense in depth.

The FNSB FOIA and lawsuit are just the beginning of the discovery phase.

Joe was paranoid and curiously interested in the functioning of the FNSB network- before the 'out to lunch online polling incident'.

Joe can't quit politics for another reason. He resembles the former half Governor in some ways. He has scores to settle.

Even though he should realize that the fault in his ship running aground is the fault of the pilot. As also his service on the Alaska Board of Marine Pilots should have illustrated too. But Sarah was his copilot, and the ship ran ashore on the media shoals.

Anonymous said...

What do I think Joe should do?

Well I think he should open a men's clothing store and sell his very own line of men-in-black suits, complete with modern accessories like curly-wired ear pieces and those Hollywood-style sunglasses that let you see out but no one else can see in.

And then I think he should just go sit in his cabin and wait for the IRS to knock on his door.


btw - thanks for your excellent coverage of these Alaska stories. It's been quite a ride.

Anonymous said...

He should go sit in that god-awful plywood shack in Willow, have ten more kids and head into town once a year to cash the PFD checks.