Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rep. Ron Paul Introducing the American Traveler Dignity Act

Why didn't a Democrat introduce this legislation. How many co-sponsors will Rep. Paul get?

Will Sen. Mark Begich introduce it into the U.S. Senate? I doubt it.

How about newly re-minted (she gave her victory announcement from the Anchorage Laborers' Hall) Sen. Lisa Murkowski? I doubt it.

hat tip - Jane Hamsher


Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me how many people have the attitude "If you don't like it, don't fly." Then you tell them about the "enhanced" "pat-down". Although the TSA will not publish what the procedure is, it is my understanding that for a woman, the agent pats each arm, the back, then from behind runs hands down both buttocks and between the buttocks to the vaginal area. Then the agent moves to the front and touches the top and bottom of each breast, then moves to legs and touches each side of the labia and runs a finger in between. I have read this described by several women. If this is not a sexual assault, I don't know what is. The next time I fly, I'm going to wear the thickest sanitary napkin I can find. If our security is so threatened we need to touch women's labias to be safe, it's not long until they'll require a cavity check.

Anonymous said...

The economics of what happens to the airlines when people stop flying - and I for one have stopped - will eventually stop this obscene excuse for security.

Anonymous said...

But I will ask: Are you willing to be on that plane that is blown from the sky? Or see a loved one die this way?

That's the retort used to distort the statistical chance of having this terror occur. It is minimal. Yet we, as the public, are the howling animals demanding 'safety first' as soon as we are, yet again, struck by such tragedy.

When we can implement policy by reason rather than reaction, that will be the day we can regain our privacy rights.

As for now, cavity search is but one incident away. For now, I have stopped flying as much as I possibly can.

Anonymous said...

"Yet we, as the public, are the howling animals demanding 'safety first' as soon as we are, yet again, struck by such tragedy."

Many of the procedures in place today were a reaction by our govt to something that happened, not the demands by the public: shoes off because Richard Reid had a shoe bomb. No liquids because peroxide bombs were found in England, now porno scanners because a guy flying out of Africa had PETN in his underpants. I think it comes from an almost paranoid, wet the bed fear by the Bush Cheney Chertoffs - living on through Janet Napolitano - of any American ever dying again from a terrorist attack. Back in the 70s we had many plane hijackings where Americans were killed and we got through it. It is our govt that has to get over this urge to add some new procedure every time something happens and I am glad to see the public finally pushing back.

BanditBasheert said...

We have descended into madness as a 6 year old boy is STRIPPED in the Security area at a US airport. An appalling example of the TSA gone mad:

Keep your cell phones ON and in your HAND.