Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two More Reasons to Vote for Scott

Go read Stephen Taufen's brilliant takedown of Lisa Murkowski at Groundswell Fisheries:

I can’t vote for Lisa Murkowski for at least four important reasons. She’s an elitist who supports low value resource extraction from Alaska, who willingly plunged toward real estate sweetheart profits hoping to gain personal advantage from taxpayer funds, while protecting foreign corporations who practice global tax evasion that greatly harms the state and nation. She also leads legislation for Community Development Quota non-profit firms to make only their for-profit subsidiaries free from federal taxes, and is blind to how that will eventually decimate the fishing industry economy.

Murkowski’s right up there leading the GOP goons who are crushing the middle class and more than just dabbling in poverty creation. It’s her kind of politician that keeps Alaska under the knuckles of a Resource Curse global beast and held back by the jackboots of its limited corporate membership. She isn’t a Marxist, just one of those who supports and helps set up all the conditions of disenfranchisement, disillusionment and peonage that ensures anarchy will soon arise because the People tire of living debt flattened lives so a few elitists can live the money fattened life.
And here is Scott, on MSNBC:

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WarrenG said...

Good Luck to you great state of Alaska.