Monday, November 15, 2010

FAUX News Outtakes Show No Love for the Palin of "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

Looks like these newsies need to go to the same sensitivity training as those Anchorage newsies from KTVA TV attended. Where's Andrew Breitbart when you need him, Sarah?

hat tip - Palingates


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rove. Karl Rove. And so it begins...

Anonymous said...

I dont think the men had a *clue* what to say. The looked,
even from a distance, completely embarr-assed over their own dolting on her all this time. Thats right, dolt-ing.
Dolting and drooling.

Hey faux, you bought it you own it.

Anonymous said...

That was sppsd to read 'they' not 'the'.

Anonymous said...

Phil, was this an intentional leak? This seems almost fake, like it was planned. It's not real laughter. Is FAUX wanting to can the women who were speaking so they set them up?

Anonymous said...

If SP declares some kinda--LOL- candidacy faux will have to give equal time to other candidates.

Whats we didnt see is what was shown prior to this clip. Had they been showing clips, and then turned to, um, discuss them?...and found out they could not do that.
They were speechless?
Im bettin thats it!
Id love to see what they had seen prior to this clip!!!

Anonymous said...

When the meat is long past the best by date- sometimes the cloud of flies and disco rice makes further discussion pointless. That is now with her.

They are all thinking-How many YouTube clips of us being her presstitutes are out there? Qualified, a force to be reckoned with, now maybe not so much.

She is now a farce. Time to tack.

Patrick said...

I only realized now that these people were actually on a commercial break. That's why it looks a bit "strange." Interesting that Fox News published the footage!

Anonymous said...

Those men know the d'il, you smear Sarah, even under your breath or in your mind, she and her bots will make your life a living hell.