Monday, November 29, 2010

Saradise Lost - Book 5 - Chapter 7: The Reviews Are Uniformly Bad

Which reviews?

The book?

headlines it, "Do Not Steal (or Read) This Book" It didn't even show up on the New York Times Top 35 list today.

The reality show's third episode?

I found the only reference to Alaska is the gazillion times Sarah say's "Alaska".

You will love this show if you are a Sarah Palin junkie. You will be pretty disappointed if you aren't.

The politician?

She can sue Sweden from her house...

My favorite review of Palin's book has to be Jeanne Devon's page-by-page close look at this unremarkable work at The Mudflats. AKM is on Chapter Two now (AKM is in red, to confuse lurking Palinbots):

Why don’t Hollywood elites get it? Back in the day, Hollywood used to make war movies where we were the good guys. Hollywood used to admire the military. Even Hollywood celebrities used to be IN the military, like Jimmy Stewart in World War II (LEAVE HIM ALONE ALREADY!), and Henry Fonda in World War II and director John Ford filmed the Battle of Midway in World War II.

“Later Elvis Presley interrupted his career as the reigning king of rock and roll to be drafted into the army.”

(Wasn’t that amazing of Elvis? He put his career on hold to let himself be drafted. --- Screechy brake noise --- Now wait a second… they serve because they got DRAFTED? I mean I suppose he could have decided to go to jail instead of the army, just like someone else we know… *cough cough* But I know I cannot be the only one who caught that ridiculous example.)

Go read Jeanne's reviews. They are better than the book. OK - far better than the book.

At Palingates, they have been featuring guest reviewers - Leadfoot LA and her daughter, Bella - for each episode of the reality show. This week's episode has several gems. Here are a couple of them:
Inside, Sarah and Piper are baking a cake. Sarah is trying to control the process and makes Piper count the eggs she put in the bowl. Piper counts 3 yolks. Sarah tries to read the directions on the cake box and says, "It's in Spanish!" Piper says "no it isn't! It says 3 egg whites!" Nobody notices that she has also put in the yolks.
Track and his "crew" go fishing. Willow feeds Trig banana baby food. Tripp walks around in a diaper. Sarah, Todd and Piper go down to the beach to meet up with Track. On the boat, Sarah complains that she has gnats stuck to her lips. They clean out the fishing nets while Sarah cleans down the boat with a brush. Todd "takes over" because he fears the nets will get stuck in the mud. Track says his dad is "paranoid" and is visibly angry at Todd. His friend says Track is "annoyed." Track seems like a whiny, lazy brat.

Anyway, the reviews are in. Palin fatigue seems to be growing rapidly.

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Anonymous said...

From what Ive read about the show, I love it when they bitch about tracko leaving the 'fish room' or whatever! it was, a mess.
So what do his parents do?...
why they do his chores for him!
Tracko nails the trailer and thats ok, too.

These kids control that 'family'.
These are some lousy awful parents.

Anonymous said...

I'd heard that Palin had vetoed legislative capital funds for every public library in the State of Alaska within months after she'd assumed office. So I contacted the administration, and sure enough, she did-- they told me she'd supported school libraries and they are public. But she sdidn't support any non-school libraries and she vetoed any capital appropriations related to them. I'm not sure if reading, writing, (or literacy in general) are among her favorite topics. Reading probably doesn't come close to shooting.