Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sarah Cost the GOP the US Senate -- Palin a Loser

--- by Josh Marshall

It makes sense to be pretty careful in judging how things will affect Sarah Palin. But there's a decent argument that this is not a great night for her. Think about if Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell hadn't won their primaries. There's a decent chance Dems would have lost the Senate tonight. That's a pretty big deal. She also made a late endorsement of John Raese in West Virginia. He got crushed. And perhaps most importantly, she went to war in a big way with her state's senior senator, Lisa Murkowski. She got her beat in the Republican primary. But now it's looking like Murkowski's quite likely to win as a write-in, which is usually pretty much impossible to pull off.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think Sarah Palin will be going anywhere soon. The problem for the GOP is that the people who love her -- and there are a lot of them in the GOP -- really love her. And this won't matter a bit to them. But this result is going to get a lot of talk in GOP circles.

Because there's a plausible argument that she lost them the Senate.

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Belle said...

Yipee-ki-ay, MF.

Anonymous said...

Did you see The Guardian headline? "Did Sarah Palin excludiate Republicans from the Senate?" Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully she'll pick a whole new crop of crazy Teabaggers next time and maybe we'll take back the House and keep Obama too! bt

emrysa said...

yeah they'll spin it as best they can, but it really was not a good night for palin. while the republicans (and not the teabagger faction) might have taken over the house, these results are certainly not what sarah was looking for to launch her presidential run. she thought she'd have all her minions in place in each of the states... didn't happen! hahaha glad to see it! you SUCK sarah!

The Yellow Porcupine said...

I'm just glad that Alaskans have finally and clearly repudiated her. She's a quitter who cares nothing about her home state; of course, we all knew that, but now the world can see it as well. Palin 2012 = second term Obama!

Anonymous said...

Palin's Toxicity spreading to anyone she endorses. That's makes sense since her endorsement meant nothing coming from a quitter, opportunity, and political pyromaniac.

Anonymous said...

Hang on Phil, I've got to break into a few colleagues computers during lunch hour to help pad the voting results on your poll this morning. : )

Anonymous said...

Actually I think your poll should ask whether Joe MIller will file bankruptcy after failing his job interview for that new Federal job!

sallyngarland,tx said...

Erick Erickson already has a 2012 target list of senators on RedState. So Sarah has new targets. I wonder how long it will be before she gets started on this new RWNJ assignment.

I am sure she thinks she is in charge of the the new group going to DC and she can govern/give orders from Facebook.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I hope Palin gets nominated-- she'd be as popular as Joe Miller, resulting in one of the worst (for Republicans) landslides ever. If a somewhat popular third party candidate, like, say, Bloomberg of NY ran, it could complicate things. But Palin wouldn't have a chance one-on-one with Obama. Even if special interest groups spent all the money in the world endorsing Palin.

I'd love to see Palin run, and in so doing terminate her career, and mess up the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Bring 'er on! After we get a dose of the gridlock and no solution just-elected repubs there will be no patience for a Palin presidential run.