Monday, November 8, 2010

Murkowski Supporters Electioneering? Sure Looks Like It to Me

Joe the Teabagger on FAUX News yesterday, showing clips of what certainly looks like electioneering by a Federal contract worker, on behalf of the Lisa Murkowski campaign:

I'm with Miller that this was egregious. It isn't going to do him any good, though.

Before long, Joe the Teabagger Miller will be forgotten, and they'll be raging and raving about Joe the Long Driver Miller:


Mel said...

Yep, it looked like electioneering to me too. But nope, not gonna do him any good. Might get the guy who made that electioneering speech in trouble, but no evidence that Murkowski's campaign got him to make that speech. And the super-PAC? -- are we really surprised that such a thing would be created after that horrendous Citizens United decision by SCOTUS?

Philip Munger said...

Nail on the head, Mel - Citizens United and its ramifications are what this election was about. Miller wouldn't be whining now if it hadn't been for the $600,000 he got in the primary through means no more democratic than what the yahoo in the video is talking about from his truck bed.

maureen said...

concerning yes, but also the face is obscured--how do we know that the voice heard is the voice of the speaker? strange that the video is unclear but the sound is so clear.

and i didn't vote for either of 'em

Anonymous said...

Pill grim Joe needs to STFU. I can't stand his voice plus he doesn't have anything good or important to say.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it should be overlooked that Joe and Sarah went down to Defense Contractor Central in San Diego to raise funds.

They held this event at the premier (and preferred) hotel facilities that all the big players in federal contracting host their shindigs.

That said, it's highly unlikely the small people (employees of said contractors) were invited to write checks for Joe and Sarah.

Lisa is corrupt, Scott should be our Senator right now. I hope he runs again.

Martha said...

Jim DeMint was on FOX raising money for the "Joe Miller recount fund", so please he has NO room to talk.

How many times did Miller get help from FOX through the campaign?

He was interviewed and promoted throughout, and Lisa Murkowski had no air time whatsoever.

Other politicians are suing FOX over this because it is illegal not to have equal representation for all candidates.

I love it when the GOBP