Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mike Malloy's Hilarious Sarah Palin Rant - Put Her in Playboy Magazine

Part One:

Part Two:


Katarina said...

Good Day Philip! Well, I learned a lot coming to your blog, ignorant me, didn't know of neither Sarah Palin nor Alaska. I saw Alaska on the map of my blog and I found you! =) I was glad to read your background especially as a professional musician, just like me. I was trained in Bucharest, Romania and am currently a PhD student in Sweden, doing virus research. I would have lots of things to write here, but I think it is only wise of me to make it short. I am trying to set up a new look of my blog, which is much about my life, so I don't have as much special focus as you do, but I intend to organize it towards research, photography and music in a better way.
We just had an election in Sweden which was an embarrassment for the whole nation. The Sverigedemokraterna, a rasist party which sends thoughts back to nazi lapsus. To my joy Fredrik Reinfeldt was chosen as the state minister here, winning over Mon Sahlin, the most embarrassing politician in the world history. Sarah Palin is a dream girl next to her, though I have to excuse myself that I don't know much about Sarah.

I found an interesting article about your politics which I want to be less ignorant of:

I wonder if there is possibility to separate democrates from republicans based on the music they listen to? Or the other way around if you understand me.

I found a great book yesterday at the second hand store:
Music and manipulation by Steven Brown (researcher in cognitive neuroscience from Canada) and Ulrik Vogelsten (researcher in Gothenburg).
Do you know it?
I read the titel only so far.

Well, thank you so much for sharing Philip, I am really glad I found you. Imagine what impact blogging has!
I hope you will find something interesting on my blog if you visit (excuse the messy disorganization so far). I will add you to my list.

Best wishes and good luck with all your great work!

Bästa hälsningar (kind regards),

I play trumpet by the way.

Anonymous said...

Phil, I absolutely do not support Palin.

NOR do I support sexism.

Criticize Palin for her flirty approach, and I am with you. That is a fair criticism.

But this audio thing went too far.

And, no she does not get sympathy from me.

She is trading herself, her family... and the name of Alaska to get herself more exposure.

Sarah Palin's Alaska should have been named, From Alaska, Here's... Sarah Palin and her people, in full painted faces, in appropriate political roles. It would have been more appropriate when she was in the governor's seat, but hey, she was too busy with her fifth pregnancy, and then in running for VP.. So, that took about 90% of the time she was governor.. she just did not have the time. So now she has co-author writing her book and the producer of The Apprentice doing a docu movie that TLC hosts. Now isnt TLC getting government money for its educational shows" Is that why she is getting this aired on TLC? So much for all the talk about government belt tightening.

Alaska is one of the highest federally funded states. $1.84 for every $1 paid into federal taxes! That is high. She had no trouble taking all that in.

There is a lot to criticize her for without taking a gutteral tone.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 6:41 - I posted this because it fascinated me. I didn't write it, nor does posting it here mean I agree with everything Malloy said. It is, though, as the title says, hilarious.

Philip Munger said...


I'm actually knowledgable about Brown and Volgsten's work. It came up in an article at Music and Politics a short while back.

We have a Norwegian woman trumpet player in Anchorage, who is very active in the jazz and youth theatre scenes.

Your photos at your blog are very interesting.

I'd love to discuss your views on music more. My email address is posted at my blogger profile.