Friday, November 5, 2010

Does the National GOP Want Joe the Teabagger to Go Away?

Joe Miller thinks Frank Murkowski appointed Lt. Gov. Campbell to his current post? Here's what our paranoid Fairbanks divorce attorney and ex-political candidate had to say in a conference call regarding the ongoing US Senate ballot count in Alaska:

There are a number of fights that are going to have to be undertaken, in part, due to the fact that the division of elections headed up by the lieutenant governor.

The lieutenant governor is effectively the same what you might see in other states as the secretary of state. His statements are policy. He was appointed by Murkowski ... has connections to the Murkowski family. In fact, when he, last summer, spoke at the time Sean Parnell was sworn in as governor, spent five or ten minutes praising the Murkowski Family. It was really kind of a curious thing given the lack of popularity at the time of Frank Murkowski.

But in any event, it appears that his bias is playing out in the decisions that he's making, especially those that are directly contrary to the law.

I haven't been able to find the "five or ten minutes praising the Murkowski family" that Miller is citing, but I suspect it has to do with the ceremonies involving the end of Palin's governorship and Campbell's ascension to the position of Lt. Governor, from that of Commissioner of Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

Murkowski appointed Campbell to the latter post, one Campbell was certainly qualified to fill, as he was then serving in one of Alaska's senior positions in the Air National Guard. Palin retained him, and appointed him Lt. Governor as one of her last acts before aborting her term early in the third trimester.

Is this "five to ten minutes praising the Murkowski family" more of Joe's paranoia? Or is it going to turn out like Michele Bachman's statement Thursday, that Obama's trip to Asia is costing the U.S. taxpayers "200 million dollars per day"? Uh, that's about $17 million more per day than the war in Afghanistan costs, Michele.

Frank Murkowski's daughter, Lisa, has gotten a pretty impressive, "kick-you-in-the-groin-and-laugh-about-it" legal team, headed by Ben Ginsburg, one of the key organizers of the GOP strategy for the 2000 Florida recount and court battles. If the GOP still wanted Miller, Ginsburg wouldn't be on Murkowski's team.

There are still 120,800 or more ballots that are unassigned to either Miller or Murkowski. It is assumed that over 90% of 83,000 of them have been cast for Murkowski and that most of the rest will be fairly evenly split. From my point of view it is too early for Miller to concede, too early for Murkowski to give high fives at the end of a victory lap.

But it may be getting too late for Joe to apply for the job aonMichele Bachman's staff as resident constitutional expert:


Anonymous said...

The National GOP? Is that the one run by Beck and Limbaugh- or the one run by the Chamber of Commerce and Rove? Once that is sorted out then we'll know whether Joe is viewed as a hero or a zero.

There is a good chance that there are some sharp knives waiting for Joe, even in the Palin Parnell Administration.

Years of infighting amongst the AK Republican party, there have to be some with hidden grudges.
All the corruption and backstabbing- how could it all have already come out in public?
Just because he might seem a bit paranoid, does not mean he does not have enemies.

Even amongst the hard right wing of the Party, Joe might have made some allies; but how many friends can he trust to 'have his back'?

Plus his posturing and allegations are good for fund raising, which will either repay his campaign loan to himself, or fund more mischief if he actually wins.

Kevin said...

"But it may be getting too late for Joe to apply for the job [on] Michele Bachman's staff as resident constitutional expert."

I know you're joking, but I don't get this. He won't be applying to be on anyone's staff if he expects to be a Senator, but I don't think you're predicting that. Bachmann is still nuts, and Miller is still whatever he is. Both have a penchant for "making things up." Miller is privately becoming persona non grata among GOP leaders, and so is she. Both can spout nonsense with perfect self-assurance to appeal to conservative-minded voters who listen for buzz-phrases but don't think. If this isn't a marriage made in heaven, it's at least a liaison made on Neptune.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Palin quit-festival ceremonies in Fbks in 2009 that he is referring to, and I don't recall Campbell talking about any Murkowskis then. Not that he was the person we were particularly paying attention to at the time.

It could probably be verified from any news footage of that event that's still out there.

Martha said...

Joe Miller......what's to believe??

He has been outed as a serial liar, so until proven otherwise.....he's lying.

It's just like when your Mamma told you about the boy who cried wolf.

That's why he and Palin get along so well.

Neither one of them are to be believed, unless there is concrete PROOF they are telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if what is said is true. The definition of truth ( for some at least) is determined by intent and ends to reached by the necessary means.

If there is a question about the truth- then those asking are the problem.

Not monopolized by certain Alaskan Pols, but certainly on display for all to see.

One thing is certain: It is Lt. Governor Cambell's fault.

Anonymous said...

Let's get back to the basics, rather than analyzing what politicians and the media tells us.

I welcome all to challenge and/or engage anything written or presented there. That is what allows us to grow and learn.