Thursday, November 11, 2010

Joseph Dana Speaks in DC on How Israel Deals With Palestinian Gandhis

Videographer, journalist and blogger Joseph Dana is currently touring the United States, speaking about the non-violent Palestinian resistance against the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank. He has teamed up several times over the past two years with author Max Blumenthal, as they have produced a number of videos and explanatory essays that show how far right and firmly apartheid Israelis and their country's policies are rapidly becoming. Dana and Blumenthal appeared together recently in the USA (October 19th) at NYU, addressing students and the public "on the Palestinian Unarmed Resistance, the Israeli Radical Left, and the Impact of Online Media."

Here's Joseph's capsule bio, from his web site:
Joseph Dana is a journalist, blogger and filmmaker living in Jerusalem. His coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict focuses on the Palestinian unarmed resistance movements throughout the West Bank and the impact of Israel’s occupation on Palestinian life. With two Master’s degrees in Jewish History, one from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and one from the Central European University in Budapest, he often draws on his knowledge of Jewish history to analyze Israel’s current political/social situation and relationship to the Palestinians. A contributing editor of the Israeli web magazine +972, Dana’s writing has been featured in the Nation, Electronic Intifada, Le Monde, New York Times, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Alternet, and Haaretz. Dana is active in Israeli direct action groups such as Taayush and the Anarchists Against the Wall.
Here is a video that was made of Joseph's November 7th address at the Jerusalem Fund in Washington, DC. It is important, as it is a powerful description of how organized, non-violent resistance to Israeli expansionist policies is dealt with by the occupying power:

Here's a link to a full-size version.

A note: For new readers or followers of Progressive Alaska, here is an article on why this blog considers it important to cover the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


Makabit Bat Guriel said...

You find it important because you are such a Jew hating prick. Have you and Judy invited Carl Loerbs from alaska pride blog for a private party. I'm sure after comparing your Jew hating notes all three of you would be all lathered up.

Anonymous said...

Phil, Thank you for covering the conflict.

The conflict is so complex that I am struggling to understand it. A real summary would be most welcome.

Anonymous said...

anonymouse 6:49 PM,

you are waiting for phil to hand you a real summary? aren't you old enough or smart enough to check both sides by yourself or do you need to be hand fed bs from the likes of phil?