Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saradise Lost and Found - Chapter 15: Palin's Biggest Day in Months

All this happened to Palin today:

1). The candidate who meant the most to her in the 2010 election had "Miller's Last Stand," and is bleeding from 50,000 Alaska Native arrows and harpoons.

2). The country found out that her daughter Bristol's continuing appearances on Dancing with the Stars owes itself to massive vote hacking by Palinbots across the country.

3). The country found out that another Palin daughter, 16-yo Willow, is letting her facebook page run wild with comments that reflect little or no judgement and very much homophobia.

4). And this:

It all strikes me as strange.

Especially the way Palin (and her husband) keep forcing the kids through a life experience that is bound to leave the majority of them emotionally scarred. This is the same mom, one needs to remember, that I'm convinced tried to kill her youngest child in the months, weeks and days leading up to his birth.

Back in late August and early September of 2008, when Alaska bloggers felt we had an obligation to let the country know that we didn't feel our governor was fit for being a heartbeat away from the presidency, it seemed so much simpler. Dozens of books have been or are being written about Palin's lack of fitness to be the actual heartbeat of the presidency. Why her bizarre, incredibly selfish life itself isn't enough to bring the general level of public awareness of what a whackjob she is to critical mass, appears to me to be one of the most significant signs that our American civilization is in a precipitous decline.


sallyngarland,tx said...

I posted here awhile back that my water broke, I had an emergency c-section and the cord was wrapped around my son's neck three times. My son would have died had I not gone to the hospital immediately. I have never been able to believe Palin's story. To me, a really troubling part of this story is that the MSM didn't talk more about the dangers of this "wild ride." Also, she has such devoted followers and one might endanger her baby based on Palin's story. I find it hard to believe her doctor would tell her to fly home. The whole thing was so dangerous it makes me sick to think about it.

Anonymous said...

I am REALLY getting sick of the name PALIN in any shape or form. This woman will go down in the history books as the worst mother on record. Her kids will make this fact be known as grow to adults.

Anonymous said...

False confidence is what has gotten the country into trouble.
Let's never forget that EXPERIENCE matters and POLICY POSITIONS matter.

Another key thing that happened yesterday is the PAYCHECK FAIRNESS ACT got voted down in the senate. 3 female Republican Senators who had voted YES on EQUAL PAY ACT voted NAY on PAYCHECK FAIRNESS ACT. And, one Republican woman who had voted Yes on Equal Pay Act did not vote on this, and that was Sen.Murkowski.

And, dont even get me started on the one Democrat male (Sen.Nelson) who voted NAY.

The purpose of Paycheck Fairness Act was to empower women to have open dialog in the workplace on salary matter with colleagues and with HR, as well legally challenge their employer if they found inequity in compensation. So, women's empowerment which would lead to women's equality is not supported by women.

NEVER confuse gender equality with voting for a female candidate.

Where is that Facebook page of Palin supporting women's equality in the workplace that was the key issue in the Congress yesterday? Of course none. She is just a corporate shill.

Women who try to progress "the discourse" are trying to get women's support as a voter bloc, without doing any work for women's equality in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

Add another one to the week for them. True or not ( they were right about John Edwards).