Monday, November 1, 2010

Is Palin Incapable of Articulating What She Actually Stands For?

Watching about seven or eight of her recent campaign appearances, I've yet to hear anything representing an actual, workable idea for progress. She talks about jobs, getting the government out of our lives, lowering taxes, cutting budgets. She certainly never did that in Wasilla or in Alaska.

And she certainly is preparing to announce on February 6th. Bristol should be almost due by then, eh.


AKjah said...

There are enough stupid fucking people to elect this piece of shit.It is time to hold the media to task. I have little hope for the future of our country.plillyt

AKPetMom said...

Nice to see that Mr. O'Reilly finds Mrs. Palin to be as abhorrent as the rest of us do. He does a great job of holding it in far enough so that the Fox viewers won't send him hate mail but he also does a great job of letting her "put her foot in it" and show us what she truly knows.

Kevin said...

To state the obvious, the problem isn't that she is merely inarticulate. She can't "articulate" thoughts she doesn't have in the first place.