Sunday, November 14, 2010

Palingates' SarahPAC Report and PA Listings Updates

I. Palingates' SarahPAC Report:

Early Sunday, the European blog, Palingates, published an extensive analysis of information gleaned from recent financial reports from SarahPAC. The article was posted there by MXM.

The article is partially titled "What is Sarah Palin doing with her mysterious company Pie Spy LLC?"

Among the treasure trove is informative stuff that provides extensive detail on some of the personalities associated with Palin's growing political empire. Please visit it, as you won't find out about this very important post from any of the other longstanding progressive Alaskan blogs.

Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis, Just a Girl from Homer, The Immoral Minority and The Mudflats don't link to Palingates. Some of them used to, but stopped sometime last winter. I was asked by most of these bloggers to remove my links to Palingates around that time. When I asked why, the answers I got seemed petulant at best.

This group has also, for some unclear reason, dealt with the Alaska Dispatch in weird ways. The Mudflats doesn't list the Dispatch under Alaskan Sites in their "Missing Links" section. In spite of the illegal arrest of Tony Hopfinger by Joe Miller's goons last month - a pivotal event - there are no Tony Hopfinger tags at The Immoral Minority.

II. PA Listings Update:

I've changed a few things here:

Palingates, listed under Progressive Alaskan Blogs, has had its title changed from "Palingates" to "Palingates - Honorary AK Blog."

Ray Metcalfe's new site/blog, Citizens for Ethical Government, has been added to Progressive Alaskan Blogs.

The Anchorage Daily Planet has been added to Important Alaska Sites - Not Necessarily Progressive.

I've created a new section, called My Daily Outside Reads.


GinaM said...

Good for you Phil! I visit your blog everyday...but usually don't comment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil, I hope you check out PAC review update from Beardog.


Patrick said...

Phil, we are very honored to be mentioned on your blog as a "Honorary AK Blog."

We (the Palingates bloggers and the Palingates community) are grateful that we receive your support.

Regarding "blogger politics issues", we don't comment on these anymore.

regina said...

Thanks, Phil.

Mark said...

Hey Phil- How do I get on your list? Maybe under "Unimportant but nonetheless whack Alaskn Blogs"?
Mark Springer

Philip Munger said...


Your wish was my command. Done.

Mark said...

Hey Thanks!