Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get Your Friends, Relatives and Neighbors to the Polls Today in Alaska

It really does come down to the wire, particularly in the U.S. Senate race. The most recent polls, with one exception, show Miller support waning markedly, and McAdams posting his highest numbers since Lisa Murkowski Ilswokrum Asil (you have to spell it backwards or the optical scan system will misread it) entered the race. Here's the latest Hays Poll:
Miller ---------- 27.1%
McAdams ----- 25.9%
Write-in ------- 25.3%
undecided ----- 21.7% (!)
The PPP Poll that came out late Sunday (Miller 37%, McAdams 30%, Murkowski 30%) is an outlier. Although it had a large sampling group size, it showed over 40% of people of color voting for Miller, which cannot conceivably happen).

This is as good a time as any to review this important analysis of the Alaska U.S. Senate race scenario:

And here's why YOU need to get your friends, relatives and neighbors to the polling place today (21.7% Undecided!):

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