Wednesday, August 5, 2009

California Perspective on Palin Flotsam & Jetsam

I. Judy and I have delivered Alex back to Arcata California, Humboldt State University, and his many friends. Meeting quite a few of them in a very few hours, we were impressed by the quality and quantity of these young men and women. Arcata is a very liberal community, in a part of California few visit. Most of those who do are on their way somewhere else, though.

We didn't stay long. Alex has a lot to do before school starts next month. We headed down US 101, through the redwoods and on to Calistoga, where we've stayed overnight, before embarking on our second annual Napa-Sonoma wine tour. This year, we'll be visiting Rosenblum Cellars and Cline Cellars - possibly one or two more.

II. As I've watched the flak come down on Gryph and Dennis Zaki from afar this past weekend and early week, I've been forced to go back and read some of the early Saradise Lost columns I posted, e-mails from other bloggers back in early September 2008, and e-mails from reporters who wanted to pay me for information about the Palins and their kids, that I've never shared outside of our family and close Mat-Su Valley friends.

At the time, I felt that even though the Palin family saga in Wasilla was rich with tabloid fodder, to write about that stuff was a distraction from getting valuable information out about Sarah Palin's inability to govern effectively, her anti-science stance which helps dumb down America and would destroy our country's economy, and her long history of manipulation of "ethics" when it helps her, but ignoring "ethics" when that might also benefit her. I tried to limit my writing about "the family and kids" to commentary about how other media (including blogs) were handling stories, or to commentary about how the adult Palins themselves seemed to keep throwing their own family out in front of the media when Sarah or Todd sensed a need for more attention.

I don't care one fucking bit whether or not Sarah and Todd are splitting up. I don't care one fucking bit whether or not Sarah is Trig's mom (though I believe she is). I thought Sarah Palin should have been able to write a book and make money off it while serving as governor, but the law seemed to indicate otherwise. I didn't file any ethics complaints, but understood where over half of them were coming from, and supported the filers. I still do.

III. There are so many important tasks confronting Alaska's healthy, thriving progressive blogging community. To me the most important is that of getting our Alaska national legislative delegation to respond to saving or restoring the many ecosystems in our state that have been devastated, damaged or wounded by hyper-development; and to help restore true science to analysis of how development, including industrial-scale offshore fishing - effects larger ecosystems. After that, we can help take the Alaska legislature away from the GOP.

Our Alaska bloggers need to be just as questioning when it comes to actions or inactions by our Democratic Party elected officials, as we have been toward the GOP. We need to build an Alaska Democratic Party that is clean enough ethically, dynamic enough with workable ideas, and hard-working enough, to win over new, undecided voters and volunteers. When we work across party lines to reach objectives, this should not only be with the GOP, but with the Green Party and other small progressive organizations.

Our national delegation is returning to Alaska for the August recess. We need to get commitments from all three national legislators to make meaningful efforts to restore the salmon populations to our Western Alaska rivers. We need to confront them on how they've arrived at their "science" that would allow the Kensington mine to proceed. It isn't science at all, it is pure political bullshit reminiscent of George W. Bush!

We need to get them all on record in detail on their stances on Pebble Mine.

Why aren't any of my colleagues besides Shannyn Moore writing about our American military and intelligence agencies torturing people to death? Why is Todd fucking Palin's goddam ring finger more important than that?

These past few days, I've seemingly been rebuffed by my own Alaska blogging community - with the exception of Native Alaskan bloggers - in my quest to get our national legislators to specifically address the salmon returns to the Yukon, while those legislators are in Alaska this month. They're posting stuff like:

The Cat is Out of the Bag
Palin & emails, Arctic Cat, gifts, AK Fund Trust... How Many "Dropping Shoes" does one person need?
I think that if Sarah Palin and Donny Deutsch get married I should be invited to the wedding. Don't You?

To be fair, they're posting other stuff too. But nothing on putting our legislators' feet to the fire on tricky issues. While some of my colleagues have written about our newly minted U.S. Senator, none yet have questioned his continuing support of the shortsighted Kensington Mine lake fill (I'm preparing an essay, awaiting more information from the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council).

Are we as afraid of losing access to our Democratic Party lawmakers as we've accused the Alaska mainstream media of having been with the GOP legislators and governor?

Looking through the comments at some of my colleagues' posts on Palin flotsam and jetsam, it seems that these articles help perpetuate the fetish among many commenters, mostly from out-of-state, that Sarah Palin has been responsible and continues to be responsible for more problems in Alaska than actually has been the case.

The reality, to me, is this:

• Sarah Palin's impact upon Alaska politics is diminishing rapidly.
• Palin herself is finished as a serious politician, here and elsewhere.
• Dwelling on how crooked, fixed systems (APOC, the personnel board) deal with her accumulated debris, past writing seriously and vigorously on how we need to back legislation that fixes all of this, is worse than meaningless. It is a waste of time and resources. I failed to convince my colleagues of this in November and December of 2008. I'll try again, before the 2010 legislative session.
• Over indulgence in Palin family affairs demeans what the Alaska bloggers have become as a political force.

Now, back to the serious things in life:
images - Redwood jetsam outside of Humboldt Bay; grape vines in the Russian River valley, California


jo in AK said...

Phil, I am weary of the SP dialogue. I truly believe if we discuss her anymore it only serves to prove that she still has power in our state. I would think that it is an inappropriate avenue for us to take.

On the other hand, the bush is facing challenges that may be insurmountable. That way of life may have to adapt to the changes in the environment or disappear forever. The changes occuring in the North Pacific are indisputable, I am troubled by the thought that they are all manmade. That would gesture that they are fixable, which at this point I doubt that they will. The fisheries are going to change in time and the people will have to change with them.

Thanks for the grapes this morning. We're having rain here and the weather changes from our summer into the long walk into fall.....

KaJo said...

As an "outsider" who thinks well of Alaska as a great place to visit (I'm quite happy in my own coastal Oregon community, thank you) and who became interested in ALL the points of view of Alaskan bloggers and your online newspapers since a year ago, I value what you have to say, Phil.

I think it speaks well of you that you are stepping up to drag the blogging discourse back to matters that are of greater impact on the future of your state and its people.

Don't worry -- I see signs that other Alaska bloggers are doing the same thing.

However, to ignore the troll under the bridge that Sarah Palin has become, I feel would be a big mistake -- and who better to continue to shed light on the troll but folks in her own back yard?

Until someone closes the Pandora's box opened last August 29, 2008, the sideshow isn't going to go away.

Anonymous said...

I am also an "outsider" who has become very interested in Alaskan politics since Sarah was thrust upon us. I agree that I've heard enough about Sarah Palin to last me a lifetime. At the same time, in fairness to your blogmates, a lot of time has been invested on their parts & it is still very fresh. I would not expect them to stop talking about her yet (that would be asking a lot!). Don't worry things will settle down soon & everyone will start talking about the new governor. Remember, you all bring a different viewpoint & perspective to the table. If you all blogged about the same issues at the same time there would be no reason to check each of your sites everyday. It is a good thing:P

Philip Munger said...

I DO appreciate the comments so far, and if you feel my attitude on this is full of BS - don't hold back!

jo in AK said...

I just reviewed your article on the Yukon king situation that you had posted months ago. I felt you covered that quite fairly, thank you for that. There seems to be a bandwagon going around that blames all of this on bycatch and I don't believe. The numbers just don't substantiate the loss of king returns statewide and privately many native leaders don't believe it either. I think we need to cast a broad net scientifically to answer that question.

I say again, I'm ill with Sarah Palin news and really have no interest anymore. I think there are people out there addicted to it and I think abstinence regarding reading about her might be indicated right now!

Steve said...

Thanks Phil. There are a couple of reasons I see for covering Palin rather than policy:

1. Palin stuff is very concrete, relatively simple to grasp, and things everyone can easily have an opinion about. It's soap opera stuff. While policy is much more complex, requires reading numbers, and takes long posts, and ultimately leaves one scratching one's head. There are no easy answers. (Underlying all the Palin stuff are complex issues too, but they are easier to ignore.)

2. Palin posts boost hits. I can spend days working on a policy post and minutes on a Palin post which will get tons of hits.

I think the challenge is to make the policy issues interesting (without being exploitative.) The topics are interesting once you get into them. But getting details isn't as easy. It takes work.

But I'm totally behind you on this and we need to explore ways to write about policy so that people understand how it affects their lives and what they can do about it.

Will Begich, for example, vote for health care reform? Why not? (I really didn't know the answer when I typed that so I checked his website which says:

Contact: Julie Hasquet, Press Secretary
(907) 258-9304 office
(907) 350-4846 cell
August 4, 2009

After meeting with President Obama today for nearly two hours, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich said health insurance reform is vital for America's future and pledged to push for a Senate floor vote on the issue in September when Congress returns from its August recess.

Begich joined members of the Senate Democratic Caucus who met with the President for lunch at the White House today. The discussion, led by the President, focused on the need to reform the nation's health insurance and health care systems.

"I hear horror stories nearly every day from Alaskans who can't afford decent health care, are being rejected by insurance companies for pre-existing conditions or are fighting with insurance companies over their medical bills," Begich said. "It's simply unacceptable that nearly one-fifth of Alaskans lack adequate health insurance in one of the wealthiest states in one of the richest countries in the world. There's no excuse for not doing better."

Begich stressed that reform is essential for individuals and the business community. In 2009, health care expenditures are approximately 18 percent of GDP, and without major reform, health care's share of GDP will rise to 34 percent within 30 years. "That's one-third of our economy going just to health care," Begich said. "It's totally unsustainable."

In the past decade family insurance premiums have doubled in Alaska, from about $6,000 in 1997 to $12,200 in 2006 - the most recent year state-level data is available. Without reform, these premiums are expected to double again by 2016.

Begich also said Alaskans with insurance pay a hidden tax because hospitals pass on the cost of covering the uninsured - uncompensated care - to those with coverage. Nationally, the average family pays a hidden tax of $1,100 to help cover the uninsured. In Alaska, the average is $1,900 per family.

So give his office a call and tell him your glad he's supporting the bill.]

AKPetMom said...

Phil, I relish each and every single post that all of my favorite Alaskan Progressive Bloggers share each day.

I appreciate and digest the serious political content, but I feel the need to support those who wish to be a "bee in Palin's bonnet" as well, because, well, after 8 years of Bush I'm damned afraid that the far reaching tentacles of the Bush power brokers could somehow get this ninny (Palin that is) into a position of power within the US Government.

There is room for all of you in my life, all the AK bloggers that is. I need to remain informed but I also need to know that Palin is still being held accountable and being scrutinized and criticized if need be.

The divorce thing, I personally don't care. They are a piece of work, both Todd and Sarah Palin. Yes there are times when I felt sorry for Todd, but he is not exactly known around the Valley here as being a calm and reasoned individual. They deserve each other, and whatever, if a couple remains together in this day and age, well, they are in the minority.

BUT, I do feel that if a blogger sees fit, the Palin pressure must stay on or Rove and Cheney and others that support her ilk might just be able to insinuate her into a position of power and, I really like Alaska and don't want to be forced to move abroad.

You always do great work, Phil, and you keep doing what you are doing and others will keep doing what they are doing and there is room for everyone and we all need a daily dose of CRAZY and a daily dose of REASON.

the problem child said...

Outsider, also, and will keep checking back in to all the progblogs,no matter the content,because of the quality of the research and humour (sometimes in the same post).

As long as the $arah fallout continues, it will be hard to ignore.

Please keep posting on musical topics as well.

CelticDiva said...

Did you read my post? It's about where all the ethics and legal issues regarding Palin stand. This, like my other posts, are on actual research/activism that I have been conducting personally for months. These will continue at least through Christmas because of reporting "due dates" Palin must continue to meet regarding disclosure.

I also have outstanding records requests. I love you, Phil, but had hundreds of people donate to find out what is in those emails and I'm damn sure going to keep them updated.

I've been "taking days off" as it will as I'm just as burned out by this as everyone else. You see, it doesn't matter if I'm posting stuff about Palin or not, the attacks continue...even increase...because the Palinbots are directing their anger at being dumped by Palin at us. Yesterday, I had a Google Alert with 10 different national conservative blogs talking about me. I hadn't posted anything about Palin for days.

I'm glad Shannyn has been covering torture, etc...but I am a State blog...I rarely cover National issues. I also feel that Anonymous Bloggers, Mudflats and you have done a great job covering the fishing issue...Ann Strongheart's and Nick Tucker's appearance on "Native America Talking" was excellent. I also don't think that all of us need to cover the same things at the exact same time all of the time. Plus, keeping up with my own stuff is a chore in itself.

I am very committed to Rural Alaska. I have done a few things behind the scenes in trying to help and continue to have some irons in the fire. Some of them I can't tie to the blog for obvious reasons.

Like I said, I love you Phil and because you've been part of the solution and not part of the problem, I have no reason to be angry with you as I am with the Legislators. However, I am scratching my head trying to figure out exactly what function this post is supposed to serve.

Anonymous said...

It seems that political careers in this country are never "finished" -- witness Newt Gingrich all over the MSM apparently prepping for a Presidential run in 2012. Who among us hadn't counted him down and out long ago? With this in mind, I am very concerned that Sarah Palin is far from "finished as a serious politician, here and elsewhere." The Alaskan bloggers have been doing a terrific job of calling Palin on her inappropriate and unethical behavior and I hope they continue to do so in the interest of keeping her out of elected office. The divorce? A few blogs among many written about more worthwhile matters -- with Palin and her minions ensuring that the divorce topic was front and center.

Anonymous said...

Another outsider. Palin may be diminished in Alaska, but as long as she harbors national prominence,I want her in my sights. Everyday I visit the Alaska blogging sites and take in all the different views and perspectives. All of you make for distinctive points of interest. Would you rather have outsiders stick to the outside? In this way, you might focus more on local issues and national issues, that concern the Alaskan populace. I believe that outsiders have played an important role, in helping to correct some wrongs, that some Alaskans have suffered. I understand the fatigue that your feeling. I feel it too. I hope that you continue to post, whats important to you, and I'll probably read it everyday. Some just walk a different trail and I'm glad they do.Not being snarky, but this sounds like the second epiphany, I've read this week.

Anonymous said...

You are right to be concerned by the nature of the posting at other progressive blogs.

For example, Gryphen's admission today that he wanted to cause a controversy by his Splitsville post indicates a level of irresponsibility from which you need to distance yourself.

Surely your fellow bloggers have to move away from writing which simply encourages and panders to the same old anti-Palin talking points?

Anonymous said...

Agree with continued blogging about serious issues related to Sarah Palin's unethical conduct. If there are more steps to be pursued in on-going ethics complaints (comment opportunities, for example), then of course the bloggers will want to cover these issues as they unfold, or participate.

I personally, as a long-time Alaskan, am interested in the on-going effort to obtain private email accounts used for public business (to keep it secret), possible collusion between Palin and conservative radio personalities and others, the ton of un-opened gifts, Todd's Arctic Cat benefits, etc.

Keeping current on these issues on the blogs may assist with revamping of the ethics law (in a good way to protect the public) and/or to prevent Palin supporters from limiting citizens' rights to file ethics complaints.

I, for one, am glad Celtic Diva and others are keeping up their good work. Don't care about the Palins' dysfunction, divorce or not.

Anonymous said...

First off...I love and read your blog every day.

Secondly...Goddamned has an "N"!

Thirdly...WTF is Flotsam and Jetsam?

Fourthly...What are you...the self appointed blogger police? There are better ways to influence your colleagues than to undress them on your blog (rude and unprofessional) or as a commenter on their blogs (rude and unprofessional as well). Try calling them. Or emailing them. Or set up a meeting with them. Why on earth would you publicly create a situation where THERE COULD BE FALLOUT?

I don't give a shit about the Palin's personal dramas. Like you, I care about policy. Sarah Palin is not going away...even if you refuse to speak or write her name. I want JUSTICE. That means you have to SAY HER FUCKING NAME and write about her occassionally. Palin's shrapnel will be sorted out for YEARS! Her power IS NOT diminishing. It's at best unknown at this point. It's on you if you choose to underestimate her by ignoring her.
If the Kingmakers want to have Palin as a serious contender in 2012, then she will be a contender in 2012. That Rupert Murdcoch's yacht and private 737 were parked in Juneau speak volumes.

"Dwelling on how crooked, fixed systems (APOC, the personnel board) deal with her accumulated debris, past writing seriously and vigorously on how we need to back legislation that fixes all of this, is worse than meaningless. It is a waste of time and resources. I failed to convince my colleagues of this in November and December of 2008. I'll try again, before the 2010 legislative session."
WTF Phil??? "Worse than meaningless?" Seriously??? Phil you are flat fucking wrong. AGAIN! Who pissed in your wheaties this morning? So, if your colleagues took your advice, they would NOT HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT APOC OR THE PERSONNEL BOARD??? Move along...nothing to see...Phil Munger, that is the most absurd bullshit you have EVER WRITTEN!

It's OK to conduct state business on private email accounts? Move along nothing to see...perhaps that ought to be the name of your blog...Move Along...Nothing to See...

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Phil, you sound absolutely constipated. It's a good thing you're on vacation -- I think you need to relax and enjoy yourself more. Go on, indulge in that vino and let your hair down. Do some fun and silly things. And let go of that cranky old man schtick. Sheeeez...

I love ALL the Alaskan blogs and hope everyone keeps on doing their own thing. And I want all of Palin's dirty laundry hanging out for the world to see so that she crawls back under that rock and out of my face. So I thank Gryphen and Diva and Muckraker, etc., for a job well done. I read their blogs everyday, along with yours, and I'll keep doing so.

Lighten up!

womanwithsardinecan said...

I think it takes all of the Alaska bloggers to cover the entire Alaska scene. Just like in the msm, some subjects get the short end for a while, but usually they roll around for another look. Love you all. Keep up the pressure on ALL fronts. Enjoy our Napa Valley, Phil.

Anonymous said...

Another outsider here who reads them all and participates on 2 or 3 or 4.

Even though Palin is gone -- it's in name only. It's uncovered many issues that have holes that have to be closed by your elected members otherwise some will pick up where she left off and use to their benefit. Therefore discussions need to continue as your paper ain't worth crap to inform even Alaskans. There are still issues that haven't come to light yet (not the family stuff) in that documents still haven't been produced. There's a lot of checking to be done behind cabinets & under the carpet in the Gov's office for her leftovers that will continue to burn AK.

Also being AK is her home state, it's bringing the knowledge to the L48 like last Fall so that it can be used to educate those who don't read the AK blogs. Many participants on the AK blogs post the info elsewhere whether it be their own blogs or comments at Huff and elsewhere, they talk at work, at clubs, etc. We don'[t read, comment and run. Until more info surfaces what her plans are, you can't brush her under the carpet because she ain't going there. It's still the need to discredit her. Troopergate & stuff will be long forgotten - remember the attention span of many isn't long or good. Like Motel 8 - We gotta keep the lights on!!

Flats blogs are on numerous issues and discussions. Usually multiple per day. You know yourself by reading the comments, they are like a band of Sherlock Holmes looking for info and ideas on issues for solutions and suggestions -- many unrelated to You Know Who!! Flats AKn's & outsiders when mentioned or asked by AKM for an issue whether calls, emails, live-blogging for others to read don't hesitate a second to step up.

Yes there are many important issues now, coming up, and others we don't know about yet to come down the pike, but you have to remember too -- a blog still has to have some frivolity in order to bring the activity & participation to it. All work & no play.......

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Phil, I've been focused on agitating for First World health care as a priority for Americans for some time, which means I'm currently either disgusted or disappointed by most politicians I could name.

Instead of Sarah Palin, here is a few seconds of something titled 'Fanfare Matanuska', by Tower of Power. I know nothing of its provenance, but it made me think of you.


Anonymous said...


Love your blog and I think it's great you see issues worthy of discussion.

However, so long as Sarah Palin looks to the White House as a future source of per diems, I'm glad we'll have bloggers keeping an eye on her.


Anonymous said...

Phil, Thank you for keeping to
issues of importance. Gossip, drama, is the stuff of daytime TV. It amuses and detracts from issues of importance. I am still
estatic that Alaska now has a governor interested in the details. While I usually do not vote "R", I am relieved that Sean Parnell is at the helm. He is engaged and invested in our state. interested day to day workings we Cordially, AK RJ

Anonymous said...


Are you PMS 'ing by chance? (Phil Munger Syndrome) ;-)

I try to read a number of the Alaska blogs every day if I can, even ones I don't agree with, to get the semi-complete picture of what's going on in our state. I will shamefully admit that I like variety, like green, red, or purple grapes, and I very much enjoy reading different takes on the issues.

It would be incredibly boring if all bloggers commented on the same topic day in and day out, and I think each blogger has their own unique style and perspective. I appreciate them all. You truly have a gift for writing about the arts, a major gap in this state, IMO.

As far as Sarah goes, think of it this way: we don't have volcanic eruptions every day, but that doesn't mean we should get rid of the AVO. As long as Sarah even THINKS about having higher aspirations, we should ALL remain vigilant in our efforts to protect ourselves from the toxic ash Mount Sarah spews.


Anonymous said...

I am an Outsider, and I enjoy reading several Alaskan blogs weekly, if not daily. Sarah Palin opened the Pandora's Box of toxic politics, and I believe she can be directly connected to the spew of hatred and vitriol over health care reform and other important topics. Her actions as governor- and the lack of consequences, up until now- are of concern to those who follow the use and abuse of power on the state level.

I am glad you chose to write on certain topics, just as I enjoy the perspectives of others. If you current topic is not relevant to me- I move on.

Enjoy spending some time in the Outside-

CO almost native

GScott said...

Great post Phil. One of your best. I've been having thoughts along these same lines for a while, good to see you put it into words. Very diplomatic... Could serve as an example of what constructive criticism looks like.
Keep at em, especially the fisheries issue. I start law school in a couple weeks, at Tulane to focus on maritime & enviro law, hoping to gather some tools to use to deal with that threat. Will be relying on you to help keep up w/ the ground truth back home.

Anonymous said...

Should Mary Cheney's lesbian partner and child not be a story? Fuck No, who cares right?


What about the context of Mary Cheney raising a baby while her Dad sits in political strategy meetings using Gay Marriage on red state ballots to get the base out to continue Halliburton's & Blackwater's profit in Iraq.

Wake the fuck up on those who carry the cross wrapped in a flag for corporate facism

Palin embodies this. Fuck her and her family

Anonymous said...

"fascism", and yes fuck them and their foot soldiers

Anonymous said...

I have to courteously disagree with GScott @ 8:00 PM in his/her assessment that Phil's post today was "very diplomatic." It was not.

Hope it was worth it, Phil.

Live and let live. Particularly regarding other people's blogs.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment about the "flak coming down on Gryph".....why don't you fill us in on the background and activities of "Gryph" ? Maybe your readers would be interested to see the kind of person who was involved in the "progressive" cause against Sarah Palin ?

Anonymous said...

"Wake the fuck up on those who carry the cross wrapped in a flag for corporate facism (sic)

Palin embodies this. Fuck her and her family"

Aaahh, the voice of the "progressive" left ! Is this "facism" the same kind of fascism that asks American citizens to spy on their neighbors by reporting them to a White House website ?

Anonymous said...

I started reading AKM blog and she introduced me to you and Shannon and CD. Without all of your collective information about Palin and her lack of credability, who knows maybe the McCain/Palin ticket would have won - maybe she would still would be the governor. Palin has broken the law and she must be held accountable. Through her lawyer and a public spokesperson or media she has threatened residents and she must be held accountable. Through her policy of using her religious personal beliefs over the scientific and or state policy she has threatened the livehood of the people and environment of the state and she must be held accountable. Her lack of leadership or even a hint of working with the legs has threatened the survival of those less fortunate, those weaken by the economy, the health care crisis, the lack of solving simple problems for those that have to choose between food or fuel in the bush and she must be held accountable. Granted not all of these issues could have been solved in her 2 year run but don't for one single minute sweep them aside and not hold her accountable. You want a stronger state govt then hold her accountable and let it be known that the next person that thinks about running for a state office better think about it more than a popularity contest. Palin has faked her way through many positions all the while using her stature to tell the rest of us what a wonderful person she is and how she is saving us from all the other evils in the world. She is bullshit and she has brought out the worst in us. It is time to regroup, take a deep breath and work towards what brings out the best in us but Palin MUST be held accountable for the justice of all of us. No one is above the law no matter who you are. She must be held accountable for the good of Alaska and I thank the rest of the bloggers to keep the pressure on.
Have some wine and continue to hold the flame to those crisis YOU feel are important but let the others hold Palin accountable for nothing less than the stupidity that she brought to serve in a public office for the people, by the people because it is about the people to hold her for justice.

Philip Munger said...

Anon @ 9:04 am - I agree that all our chief executives and their employees MUST be held accountable, and that the most recent ex-governor was totally outrageous in manipulation of the system.

I am just plain sick of the "fetishization" of Sarah Palin in the dialogue about past & present problems, and about solutions for the future.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil, I agree with you.
Btw, why are many old , way back, filled with Chinese? Is that done by you or the posters? Thx.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I left out 'posts'.
I was wondering about posts made way back that now are filled with Chinese symbols.

teri said...

I think that each and every AK blog I read fills it's own niche.

BTW, Mudflats wrote a great piece on the Yukon 2 days before this blog was posted. And she did a live blogging piece right after that when Ann Strongheart was on the radio. Now that's dedication.

Her blogging about Ann Strongheart has led to hundreds of boxes being sent to Ann this past winter by those who read her blog.

You write about music and that's not political.

And personally, I want to know about the stuff they are writing about. As an American, I am fed up with the hypocritical conservative Christians telling me I'm "less than" because i do not share the same beliefs as they do.

Expose them for the hypocrites that they are.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 9:14 - the "chinese" comments at the bottoms of older posts are spam that makes it through the filter by being posted as an actual comment. If I find it, I delete it. Even old ADN blog and article entries have it.

If anyone knows of a filter for this for blogger that actually works, I'll stick it in there.

Ken said...

Is it true that Sarah Palin can't read? I mean, if you think back on a lot of her goofy statements, there is a lot of evidence she can't, such as when she couldn't name any magazines or newspapers she supposedly kept up with. Has she ever proven to be literate, and if not why not?