Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jonah Goldberg Coming to UAA in September

Right-wing polemicist, author, columnist, editor and all-around whack-job, Jonah Goldberg, will be appearing at the University of Alaska Anchorage's Wendy Williamson Auditorium on September 15th. It will be free. He is being sponsored by The Northern Light, the campus newspaper. I don't know yet whether or not KRUA, the campus radio station will broadcast his speech, but it wouldn't be that difficult to do, as the studios are in the same building complex that houses the Wendy Williamson Auditorium, where Goldberg will give his talk.

I've left three messages at The Northern Light since Monday, but haven't gotten a return call yet. I'm hoping to get more details on Goldberg's visit and campus activity.

Here's a video clip of Goldberg's most recent television appearance, where he lies about the background of a counseling pamphlet, created at the Department of Veterans Affairs during the Bush administration:

"Culled from the tribe," eh?

Here's a collage of how FAUX News is handling the term "death book":

Many are asking, "Why didn't Fox News and Goldberg bring this up when it came out, during the Bush administration?"

Here's a great article by Jed Lewison
at Daily Kos on Fox's and Goldberg's Death Book lie.


Liberal Socialist!!! said...

Jonah Goldberg is an assinine asshole. Anyone who writes a book and titles it, "Liberal Fascism" cannot be taken seriously. UAA should have paid that money to Shannyn and AKM, fresh back from their Harvard engagement. If I am able to go...I will. If only to challenge that right wing fuck. Shame on UAA...

Anonymous said...

So are all you left wing loonies going to allow him to speak or will you make fools of yourselves and spend your time shouting him down? I wouldn't bet against it that is for sure!


Anonymous said...

As for the first comment from the liberal, what's wrong bunky? Don't you like the freedom of speech laws when it comes down to everyone? We spent enough time listening to the Muslims that UAA and the Catholics brought up here whining and crying. Don't you want to listen to a Jew now? Shame on your own self bozo!



Philip Munger said...


Jonah Goldberg is no more representative of Jews than Max Blumenthal is, for instance. Or Deborah Fink, for that matter.

In the sense that he doesn't relate his ideas to his heritage or cultural identity, he is less representative than are Max and Deborah.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who writes a book and titles it, "Liberal Fascism" cannot be taken seriously.'

Why ? Have you read the book ? Or is this just the usual knee-jerk leftist rant against those who expose liberals for what they really are. Or maybe it's just more of the usual anti-semitism the Left has become infested with lately.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has read and fact checked anything Jonah Goldberg has written doesn't have to be a liberal or an anti-semitist to know that Jonah Goldberg is a certifiable loon.

The fact that Goldberg or anyone else exercises their right to free speech doesn't and won't mean that the crap they spew is somehow automatically given credence, nor does it mean it's worth hearing just because they have a right to spew it.

The University of Alaska's president, and regents should hear from all of us, we should impress upon them, that we think the university setting is no place for the university to host certifiable loons.

Jonah Goldberg belongs in a traveling sideshow, and the rubes who want to see freaks can pay their dimes and slip behind the curtain. Goldberg would not disappoint. He's a true irregularity, an abnormal oddity. A bizarre anomaly who has no grasp of reality.


Anonymous said...

"A bizarre anomaly who has no grasp of reality."

Anon of 12:23...and yet you're so scared of his ideas that you want him banned from speaking at the university. Goldberg certainly hit the nail on the head when he wrote about "Liberal Fascists".

Anonymous said...

your reading comprehension skills are abysmal, for you to conclude that I'm scared of loons like Goldberg proves only that you prefer to substitute your delusions to replace reality.

And I didn't propose Goldberg be 'banned', I said the university had a responsibility not to host loons.

I'd take the time to explain the intricacies and nuance in that statement, but I can tell you have not the ability to comprehend simple basic concepts, especially concepts such as simple reality and much less, any form of fascism.

What is clear is that you are a fellow loon akin to Goldberg and so I can understand your affinity for lunacy.

Fortunately, you and Goldberg are pitifully irrelevant. Lost in that wilderness of your own creation. I won't be joining you there. You can have it to yourselves.


Philip Munger said...

I don't want Goldberg banned from UAA. I think as many people as possible should go to hear him. I've been told he will answer questions from the audience. I'll be there with mine.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gusty,

I ask you a question about whether or not you and your fellow left wing clowns were going to allow him to talk or shout him down. Besides, what you know about Jews is very little except for the idea if they don't agree with your BS you tell them to sit down and be quiet.
Oh, hell! I think I just answered my own question!
Never mind Gusty!
See you at UAA on the 15th!