Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help Send AKM and Shannyn Moore to Netroots Nation

Netroots Nation is the most prestigious progressive conference in the world that centers around the world of internet politics and blogging. Alaska bloggers AK Muckraker and Shannyn Moore were the top vote getters nationwide in the first and second scholarship rounds held by the political action web site, Democracy for America. Consequently, they both won scholarships to the conference, that will be held, beginning the middle of next week, in Pittsburgh.

They will be the first Alaska voices at the conference, which is now in its fourth year. The agenda is so full of amazing events and presentations, I truly wish I could be there too.

AKM and Shannyn need your help, though. Even with the scholarships, the conference, lodging and travel are punishingly expensive. Both Shannyn and AKM put up fundraising posts wednesday afternoon.

Please go read them
both, and DONATE!

I'm pitching in $30.00.

images - I almost forgot - Brian the Moose is going too, so we get three representatives for the price of two!


Anonymous said...

Don't these people have real jobs ?

I'm sorry, but the AK Bloggers have become an embarrassment to the profession of journalism and to the State of Alaska.

Spreading false rumors about a person is not a badge of honor.

It's curious how one of your group discretely keeps his distance from the others. That's a good ploy because there's more than a few loose cannons in your group.

You'd be wise to do the same, the AK Bloggers give journalism a bad name.

One can only hope that Shannyn and AKM learn a lesson or two about the importance of verifying sources, and the impact upon ones credibility when those sources aren't verified.

Bones AK said...

Anonymous said... 8/6/09 4:36 am

Oh, are you real journalist? If so what is your readership numbers? What kind of fan base do you have?

I think that you are part of that group that is shrinking towards total obscurity.

alaskapi said...

@anony 4:36 am
Your comment is so full of sweeping generalizations and innuendo that my guess would that "real" journalists would shudder at your support.

I am glad to see these 2 Alaskans go to this event . I support much of the change blogging has brought to the table here instate- even though I disagree with plenty of bloggers' stances on issues.

KaJo said...

The seemingly purposeful ignorance of anonymous commenters criticizing Alaskan citizen activists/bloggers, just to preface a snarky commentary, reflects badly only on the anonymous commenter.

Anonymous @ 4:36 AM (which is 7:36 AM in Evansville, Indiana, and 8:36 AM in Auburn, NY, where Meg Stapleton's father lives), you might avail yourself of the detailed biographies of Shannyn Moore and the blogger known as AK Muckraker, easily found on their blogs.

If you or others like you continue to ask questions like, "Don't these people have real jobs?", we must then assume you really are ignorant.

And by the way, what do you mean by "false rumor"? Gryphen has had his "true rumor" corroborated by at least two reliable sources, and the only people to deny the rumor are a pathological liar and her toadying yesperson.

The false rumors have been spread by the evil Palinbots who have attacked Gryphen, calling him the same names they leveled at Dave Letterman.

I believe their attacks are another example of "projection".

AKPetMom said...

Just listened to Talk of the Nation today at 11am and wow, the "real media" is sort of dying and not really knowing where to go in this new age of online content.

So sad for you Anonymous @4:36am as you are perhaps part of the "old" media that is having trouble figuring out how to enter the age of the "new" media (well, you've had about 15 years to figure it out but seems like you've all had your heads stuck in the sand of "paper journalism" and well, I really don't feel sorry for you at all)

But, you are entitled to your opinion, and if you can find time between working your "real job" and blasting others for their opinions perhaps you can blaze a new trail that astounds all of us.

Until then, well, just keep being a hater, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

"The false rumors have been spread by the evil Palinbots"

Are you people for real ? "evil Palinbots" ? "Evil" ? Grow up, kiddies....

Anonymous said...

"Gryphen has had his "true rumor" corroborated by at least two reliable sources, "

Were these "reliable sources" also kindergarten teachers who had websites where they boasted about "playing with themselves". If Gryphen is typical of you "progressives" then the Left is in more trouble than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Were these "reliable sources" also kindergarten teachers who had websites where they boasted about "playing with themselves".

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Anonymous said...

When does it become acceptable to yell "fire" in a crowded theater ?

That is essentially what Moore, Griffin, Munger and Devon are doing by repeating these stories without proper confirmation.

And what about this one, which the author just doesn't want to acknowledge.

“Here’s a quote I got from law enforcement here in Alaska yesterday afternoon regarding Palin “a criminal indictment is pending authorization.”

Zaki is simply put, a fucking joke, a great photograhper though, but a total joke when it comes to reporting a story.

The other anonymous poster above got it right, if this is the state of the new media then we're all in big trouble.