Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Alaska Progressive Blog Roundup - August 8, 2009 -- A Tough Week

I. It was a tough week for Alaska progressive blogger Gryph. He endured what was perhaps the slimiest assault yet by the attack machine associated with the crazy woman referenced in the immediately preceding post at PA. While this crazy woman feels free to accuse our President of setting up "death panels," all Gryph did was to report material that I've heard myself. I didn't not print it because I don't think it is true. Rather I didn't print it because I could care less. But I must say that what Gryph was told by Mat-Su Valley contacts is no different than some of the stuff I've been told.

I do care, though, when the crazy woman falsely accuses my President, who I'm not entirely fond of myself, of beginning to prepare the machinery for mass murder. That is exactly what the nutty girl did yesterday, in a bizarre return to her wacky internet persona.

II. AK Muckraker and Shannyn Moore are getting ready to be Alaska's first full-fledged representatives to the progressive internet-savvy conference, Netroots Nation, to be held in Pittsburgh from August 13th to 17th. You can donate to help pay their expenses at The Mudflats or at Just a Girl from Homer. They will be discussing what they hope to accomplish today, on The Shannyn Moore Program, on KBYR radio, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Alaska time.

III. At the time of this post's writing, no Alaska mainstream media yet appears to have covered Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell's Friday request to U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, to declare a fisheries disaster on the Yukon River. Coveage by Alaska progressive blogs so far has been as follows:

Anonymous Bloggers: Breaking News: Alaska's Gov. Parnell Urges Disaster Relief for Yukon Fishery!

The Immoral Minority: Is it possible that Sean Parnell will be a much more effective Governor than Sarah Palin? Yes I realize that she set the bar pretty low

Progressive Alaska: Parnell's Yukon Fishery Disaster Petition - What Happens Next?

Wesley Loy's blog, Deckboss, also covered this yesterday evening, his commentary is limited to a few important points about permit holders on the river, and makes no reference to the obvious implications in this request for the Bering Sea trawler fleet.

Early this morning I suggested to one of Sen. Begich's senior staff that Mark issue a statement of full support to Parnell's request "ASAP."

IV. Alaska community activist and visual artist, Jim Behlke wrote an article yesterday for the Alaska Dispatch, that poses questions along the same line as those I have been looking for answers on, since April, on aspects of the functions and scope of the Rural Alaska Action Subcommittee. Jim, who has been commenting at blog articles about the rural subcabinet, or about Rural Advisor John Moeller, does an outstanding job in his Dispatch piece.

V. Steve Aufrecht at What Do I Know? posted an appreciation of the growing evidence that rightwing commentator Dan Fagan may actually be growing up. Others, including Shannyn Moore, have made similar observations to me. I'm more skeptical, but Steve's piece is convincing on many levels.

VI. Both Henkimaa and Bent Alaska posted authoritative articles on the Dan Coffey proposal to fuck over Anchorage's LBGTQ community postpone consideration of equal rights in housing and employment for Anchorage's gay community. Mel's essay at Henkimaa is one of her best, which is saying quite a bit.

image - Mt. Rainier overlooking the White River valley, from Cayuse Pass - yesterday afternoon


Anonymous said...

Well, I have it on pretty good authority - one person removed kind of close - that during the time SP was on the Wasilla City Council, Todd allegedly had an affair. SP supposedly went over the top, earning a restraining order, barring her from coming close to Todd's alleged lover. One evening, the stalkee's car was vandalized and SP's automobile was reportedly seen leaving the neighborhood. Will I be stalked now by C4P crazies and forced to resign from my job because they're calling my employer with death threats and filthy innuendoes? That's why I say nothing on the record. Oh, almost forgot, the Police Chief SP hired when she became Mayor of Wasilla, supposedly cleaned all records for any mention of the restraining order. Welcome to the Twilight Zone or better yet, the Wasilla Sopranos, where the hit squad will get you if you snitch.

Anonymous said...

Hey, speaking of snitching , the White House has set up a national snitch line for loyal Obama-supporting Americans to turn in their friends and family if they say anything "fishy" about Obama"care".
Just email and you can report Sarah Palin and all other fellow Americans you think are against the President. Hope and change !!!!

Anonymous said...

@1:29, I'm ready to stand up against domestic terrorism, esp. when it is masqueraded as a "town hall meeting." I lost a relative in the Oklahoma City bombing; it's horrible what happened to Dr. Tiller and to the guard at the Holocaust Museum two months ago (shot by far right wing domestic terrorists). So you can be sarcastic about it, but as Americans, we need to stop the right wing nuttery as coached by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush, and paid for by the GOP.
Some of us still care about America.

Anonymous said...

"Some of us still care about America."

So that's why you voted for an anti-American "community organizer" as president?

To equate ordinary Americans protesting at Town Hall meetings with the Oklahoma City bombing is PATHETIC. You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. If you are so concerned with protests did you ever complain about the Code Pink disruptions of Senate hearings ? Did you ever complain over the depictions of a beheaded George Bush at numerous Leftist rallies ?

It's incredible how people like you have NO GRASP that NOT EVERYONE might agree with your smug Leftist view of the world . No, according to your hate-filled, arrogant, "destroy the evil conservative" mindset anyone who disagrees with Obama must be a GOP employee. So how does that explain the GOP reps that have been booed at Town Halls?
It's YOUR kind of ignorant comparisons that leads to people getting killed. Once you think protesters are TERRORISTS then you have dehumanized ordinary people and turned them into targets. As an American you should be truly ASHAMED>>>

Anonymous said...

Hey, 11:41, it's you again, isn't it? The person who can only write ad hominem attacks of progressives. You can never rationally argue a point or show any rational line of logic. Your paragraphs are always filled with empty name-calling labels. This one seems to have been copied from somewhere else (or at least, you have left in some previous marks that you are posting everywhere?).

You don't like the domestic terrorist line about the paid GOP protests? It IS the same thing.

Why don't you name a GOP politician currently in office who is offering alternative plans to the key issues facing our country at the moment? Go ahead, make a case of someone currently in office and the national policies/remedies they are advocating.

Anonymous said...

"Why don't you name a GOP politician currently in office who is offering alternative plans to the key issues facing our country at the moment?"

Why don't you name a GOP politician who is calling for terrorism against the US Govt ? You throw these moronic comparisons around and then expect me to have an intelligent debate with you ? I know several good, decent people who have attended the Townhall meetings because they are afraid of a huge bill being forced thru without proper discussion (REMEMBER :- OBama wanted this bill
pushed thru BEFORE the August recess ) and to see Leftists calling them "Nazis" & "terrorists" makes me angry.

While you call my friends "terrorists" for not being in political lock-step with the DNC all you'll get from me is contempt.
Arguing a point with someone who equates the bloody, mangled bodies of Oklahoma City with concerned citizens worried about a healthcare bill that none of govt seems to have actually read is a pointless exercise.