Sunday, August 30, 2009

More 2009 Alaska State Fair Pictures

I helped out at the Alaska Democratic Party's State Fair booth on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, at the State Fair Parade, I registered the Mat-Su Democrats' contingent, wrote a new script for the judges' podium, played in the Mat-Su Community Band for an hour, then marched with our modest but spirited contingent in the parade itself.

Here are some pictures:

Mat-Su Democrats on parade. The float ahead of us is from Judy's hairdresser's salon:
Mat-Su Democrats on parade in downtown Palmer:
Kathy Jackman handing out candy to happy kids:
The script I hastily rewrote for the judging stand announcer, Bill Tull:
People asking about health care reform at the Alaska Democratic Party booth at the fair:People walking by the Alaska Democrats' booth, which is sort of tucked away, were taken by the Obama cutout at the front of the booth. At one point, while I was out front talking to a group of kids and former students, a punk kid came running down the walkway, grabbed Obama and ran off. I took out after him, into the crowds. About 100 or so feet from the booth, he looked back, saw me, and stuffed it into one of the recycling trash cans.

I took it back to the booth, cleaned Obama up, and Patti Higgins and I found a way to secure Obama to a post. Where's the Secret Service when you need 'em, eh...?

Rep. (should be Senator!) Beth Kerttula, with President Obama & friends:
A bumper sticker for sale at the fair (image courtesy of Justin McDonald of KBYR radio):
There is a thread up now at The Mudflats, where this bumper sticker, which is being offered for sale at the Alaska State Fair, is being discussed. According to one friend, "The booth, oddly enough, is near a hip-hop genre booth. I was told it is located on the 'Yellow Line - near H&H."

The phone number for the Alaska State Fair main office is (907) 745-4827.


Anonymous said...

Great pix, Phil! Thank you.

Thanks also for posting the telephone number to the Fair. I plan on calling tomorrow and complaining about the racist bumper sticker which is extremely disrespectful and disturbing.

HarpboyAK said...

If you go to the Fair's Web "contact us" page at, you will find click-through email addresses for a number of the Fair staff, though not for Ray Ritari, the manager. I suggest that folks outside Alaska might want to send an email to all of the staff members with email addresses on that page. I'm focusing on the marketing folks with my complaint!

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Way to go Phil - chasing down the kid with the Obama cut out! I'll bet that turned a few heads. I worked with teens and they can be so awesome, and so punky, too. I would have done the same thing, but since I'm short, the kid wouldn't have seen me coming (hee hee).

Thanks for representing the Blue AK folks at the fair, and for the pic of Rep. Kerttula. I'm glad she went up for the state fair, and oh wasn't it wonderful to not have the Zero there! Guess that sounded like a little poem.