Monday, August 17, 2009

Can We Finish This Job - Whack the Biggest TV Supporter of the Crazy Woman?

The nationwide wave of progressives, liberals and moderates objecting to Glenn Beck's over-the-top bullshit on FAUX News seems to be working. Eight more companies, including Wal Mart, today announced cancellations of their ad buys for the vile bile spewed by this guy, who also happens to be the biggest TV supporter of the Crazy Woman.

I'm not a big supporter of sponsor boycotts. The most recent local example of urges toward a sponsor boycott was a few weeks ago, when a lot of people were calling in to Eddie Burke's KBYR program, urging that people boycott Shannyn Moore's Saturday night program on the same station. Eddie observed that the same sponsors pay his salary. I called in to observe that the station's owner, John Klapperich, is a multi-faceted local owner (an exception in the AM radio business), who supports a variety of causes in the Mat-Su Valley, and by presenting both Eddie and Shannyn, John is obviously advocating free speech.

The reality of sponsor boycotts is rather deep, though. Some of the same corporate lobbyists who are trying to kill the possibility of medical care reform have managed to get most major American corporations to not advertise on Air America, thereby stifling free speech. Even companies who make a majority of their profits from liberals, like REI and Subaru, fell in line.

So, call or email the companies that still are willing to sponsor the person I regard as the most dangerous man in America, Glenn Beck, and urge them to drop the racist asshole.


AKPetMom said...

Thanks Phil, you have a very keen knack for bringing us back down to earth and making us realize the world IS NOT painted in black and white, conservative and liberal.

Thanks for bringing forth the nuances associated with local radio station owners and their willingness to show both sides of the equation.

It's important to shed light on those that actually give voice to both sides of the political spectrum.

You are the "deep breath" we need to take to clear our head and see things more clearly. Me, I just get wayyy to mad and you bring me back to earth, so thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is a certifiable loon. Serious mental health and substance abuse issues. Just like Rush Limpdick. Koo-koo.

Anonymous said...

How is that hate speech? You looney tunes on the left say the same thing about people you don't like, namely all conservatives.

Speaking of substance abuse...didn't Obama snort coke?